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Introducing, mold risk indication to the Airthings Business solution

Marie Bannister

Marie Bannister

September 22, 2020

WAVE-MINI-WITH-MOLD-RISKWhen our CERN scientists created the first battery powered radon monitor, we knew this was just the beginning. We are so excited to introduce to you a new capability to our existing solution.  


An algorithm powered by science

Our Airthings-made algorithm uses existing sensors and historical data to provide theSCIENTIST likelihood of mold growth in an indoor location. Mold may cause serious structural damage to a building, because it feeds on and breaks down organic matter.

Moreover, it can cause health issues too. In fact, 21% of current asthma cases in the US attributable to dampness and mold exposure1, resulting in more sick days and unhealthy working conditions. Protecting schools, hospitals offices and workplaces from mold is necessary. The new mold risk indication capability seamlessly compliments Wave Mini for business' existing product functions of monitoring airborne chemicals, humidity, and temperature. 

Organizations can rest assured that they receive the most accurate information and guidance possible, as Airthings’ mold risk indication is based on the ASHRAE mold index - the leading global organization focused on setting standards for health and safety through air quality.

“Once you see mold, it’s too late,”
- Øyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings.

Mold and property damage

Mold can form in several ways, including when warm indoor temperatures or humid outdoor air are met with cold surfaces or cooled down, forming condensation. When combined with poor ventilation, these conditions become optimal for the most common varieties of mold to proliferate.

Exposure to mold spores can have direct adverse effects on our health, ranging from common irritations and allergic reactions to more serious issues such as asthma attacks or an increased risk of long-term lung damage. According to a study by doctors from the University of Manchester, there is a strong connection between mold exposure in infants and the development of asthma by age three3. In fact, the only exposure more correlated with asthma onset is maternal smoking. 

Mold not only presents a considerable health threat, it can also damage your property. The best way to protect against both the negative health and financial impact of mold is to stay proactive in assessing your indoor conditions. This can be achieved through a business solution such as one from Airthings, which can gauge the likelihood of mold’s presence before you can see it – because, after that, it may be too late.

Proper placement

Proper placement is key to ensure you get the best mold risk indication. Contact our team today to find out how the Airthings for Business solution can help your business with mold risk.

Indoor air: the new necessity for business


In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the issue of indoor air quality has never been more pertinent. Businesses everywhere have shifted focus to ensure that their workplace is as healthy and safe as can be.   

With the heightened awareness about how "invisible enemies” such as viruses and airborne pollutants in our air are transmitted, now is the time for everyone to enhance their understanding of dangerous toxins like mold and how they can be managed efficiently and effectively, through regular monitoring and maintaining healthy humidity levels between 30-60%.

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