Webinar: How can indoor air quality data reduce energy costs?

Marie Bannister

Marie Bannister

May 5, 2020

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How can indoor air quality data reduce energy costs?

This was the topic of discussion for our latest Webinar. Home office has become the new normal. Schools, kindergartens, gyms, cinemas, restaurants - the list of empty buildings goes on. So why are so many of them running as normal?

You need data and insights in order to even begin optimizing energy usage. We are using a lot of unnecessary energy these days. Therefore there is a very clear opportunity to save costs and help the environment. 

Business Development Manager, Tommy Hagenes provided his insights. With a background in building automation, he breaks down various case studies to show you just how important monitoring the air quality of your business is in order to keep energy costs down. 

Product Manager, Martin McGloin takes a deep dive into why radon should be incorporated into HVAC systems, its advantages and disadvantages. Martin’s experience is predominantly from the software development world. Integrating APIs with different systems by having new technologies speak to each other in unconventional ways is his passion. 

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Both deep dive into the statistics and research that prove air quality data can be used to reduce energy cost. Take a look at the Webinar program here to see what interests you:

20 mins:
Business Development Manager, Tommy Hagenes
What should we do when the building is not in use? Should we just turn it off and hope for the best?

20 mins:
Product Manager, Martin McGloin
Continuously monitoring our buildings with sensors allows us to optimize the running of the building and secure a healthy indoor environment simultaneously. Many buildings have now widened their HVAC systems to take radon into account. Today we announce a new radon insight module to our solutions which help make sure we don’t over ventilate. 

20 mins:
Tommy Hagenes and Martin McGloin

Case studies: We share our experience from our ‘roadtrip’ in the USA: How can you take big strides in indoor air quality and energy usage using sensors without it costing an arm and a leg? We share the details of how others have done it, including Life Chiropractic College West. 

Find out about this and more in the fascinating webinar below:


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