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Bringing health, innovation and tech to your buildings

Airthings for Business gives you a quick and easy way to provide a safe, cost-effective working environment that promotes productivity and delivers maximum ROI.


Counting the cost of poor air quality

From high levels of radon – the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers – to increased asthma and poor decision making, unhealthy indoor air is responsible for a wide range of employee health issues. And this costs businesses money through high absenteeism and low productivity.

Providing a healthy environment enables employees to carry out their work duties safely and delivers quantifiable benefits. Studies have shown a 58% reduction in employee sick leave and a 101% improvement in decision making abilities.

Take control of your IAQ

We want to empower businesses to take charge of their indoor air quality (IAQ) within buildings. Our solution is designed to allow facility managers, employers and decision makers to improve wellbeing and increase productivity by monitoring and analyzing indoor air pollutants.

Healthier air, better performance

Airthings for Business can adapt to every size building to bring sustainability and energy efficiency to any project at a low cost. And the associated benefits have the potential to be huge. For example, studies show that cognitive improvements from better quality air results in each employee generating on average $17,000 each year. High IAQ is healthy for your bottom line as well as your employees.

A single solution, adaptable to every building

Airthings for Business allows businesses to monitor, measure and analyze their indoor air quality. Improving the health and wellbeing of a building directly impacts productivity and energy efficiency, be it an office building, residential block, medical facility or educational institution.

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