For cleaner air, improved sleep, and peace of mind. Removes up to 99.97% of fine particles, quietly and beautifully. Designed in Norway. 

Auto, Boost, and Silent modes

Control from anywhere

Versatile design to fit your space

HEPA-13 and active charcoal filters

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Taking care of your family

We didn’t invent fresh air,
but we can help you perfect it

A truly Smart Air Purifier

The evolution of your air with Renew

A smart air purifier that discretely removes up to 99.97% of particles in your air. Control or watch Renew from anywhere through the Airthings app.

Graphs and AirGlimpseTM as seen in the Airthings app

Auto mode

Set and forget or play smart

The Airthings app enables you to control Renew from anywhere and watch as it intelligently purifies your air; improving your sleep, health, and emotions. Or set Renew to auto mode and get on with your life.

THe Airthings Experience

Get tips on how to improve your health based on what's in your air


the air you breathe and what's in it


what can impact your indoor air quality


your health, sleep and mental wellbeing

Your new healthy home system

Breathing clean air at home
is easy-breathy

Discreet design

Hide and seek

Minimalistic design with muted dark hues chosen to blend in and mimic the beauty of Nordic landscapes and interiors.

the Airthings Experience

Get tips on how to improve your health based on what's in your air

Boost mode


Clean my air as soon as possible please

Silent mode

Silent mode

Shhhh I'm sleeping, but keep purifying



You're a smart air purifier, I trust you

Scandinavian design

Effective 4-stage filtering

Washable filters

  • 1
    Audio-grade textile outer pre-filter. Prevents the largest particles like pet hair and dust.
  • 2
    Removable & washable inner pre-filter. Traps finer particles like pollen and dust.

Replaceable filters

  • 3
    HEPA-13 particle filter. Medical-grade HEPA 13 filter removes 99.97% of all particles in the air, including viruses and bacteria.
  • 4
    Active charcoal filter. Captures and holds gases (VOCs) and odors.

The best home health tech

Easy to maintain


Air Purifier

Inspired by the Scandinavian ethos of design that combines beauty, simplicity, and function, we bring you Renew, the smart air purifier for bedrooms.

Enjoy peaceful sleep and peace of mind with the 4-stage HEPA-13 cleaning system that removes particulates, gasses, and odors from your air. On Silent mode, it’s so quiet you’ll hardly know it’s there. Set to Auto mode and take clean air for granted - the laser-based particulate sensor intelligently adjusts the fan speed according to the actual air quality, keeping your air clean and healthy.

Ideal for bedrooms but effective in any room up to 525 sq ft (49 m2), use the integrated strap handle to easily move Renew where you need it.

Got questions? Read our FAQ

Renew purifier by Airthings

Your bedroom deserves fresh air

Whisper-quiet Silent mode.
When it’s time for bed, activate Silent mode. Renew will run on low speed for 8 hours reaching only a whisper-quiet 23 dB. The dimmed control panel respectfully guards your sleep, so you wake fresh and renewed in the morning.
Blends in design to fit your style.
The elegant simplicity of its design conceals the versatility of multiple placement possibilities. Lay it flat, stand it upright, or mount it on the wall. Ideal for bedrooms, home offices and smaller living rooms.
Crafted with your health and comfort in mind.
Our built-in laser-based air quality sensor is the brains behind smart Auto mode. Renew adjusts automatically to combat poor air quality so you don’t have to think about it. Ensure healthy air for you and your family, without lifting a finger.

Anytime access with the Airthings app

Wi-fi enabled:
With Internet-connectivity, the Airthings app gives you smart control of Renew whether you’re at home or on the go.
Air quality control in the palm of your hand:
Turn Renew on and off from anywhere. Activate Silent, Boost, or Auto modes, lock the onboard control panel, check your air quality levels, and reorder filters right from the app.
Seeing is believing:
When it comes to your indoor air, we make it easy to see what's really going on. Browse the easy-to-read, interactive graphs to reveal the ups and downs of your air quality over time.
Air purifier in-app experience

Effective 4-stage filtering

Audio-grade textile outer pre-filter:
Prevents the largest particles like pet hair and dust from filling up the fine mesh inner pre-filter. Made of a luxe but durable speaker-grade textile treated to resist liquid stains.
Removable & washable inner pre-filter:
Traps finer particles like pollen and dust. A snap to remove for a quick rinse with water.
HEPA-13 particle filter:
Medical-grade HEPA 13 filter removes 99.97% of all particles in the air measuring 0.3 microns in diameter.
Active charcoal filter:
Captures and traps gases (VOCs) and odors. Great for ridding the air of chemicals from cigarettes or paint fumes. Drastically reduces the smells caused by cooking and pets.
Airthings Renew Filters

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Frequently asked questions

Is Renew specifically for bedrooms, or can I use it in other rooms?

Yes, you can use it in other rooms. We think Renew is ideal for bedrooms because it’s quiet and has an understated and versatile design. But it can clean the air in any room up to 525 sq ft (49 m2) in about 30 minutes. Use the strap handle to carry Renew from one room to another - wherever you want to be sure the air indoors is clean and healthy.

Can I control Renew without the Airthings app?

Yes. All device controls are available using the onboard control panel as well as the app. However, the Airthings app offers great additional features that bring you more information and value. Use the app to look into the details of your air quality in beautiful, easy to navigate graphs. Set notifications to learn when your air quality declines, no matter where you are. Order replacement filters, get air quality tips, and much more.

What steps should I take to ensure that Renew operates at its optimal performance?

Renew has two pre-filters and both should be kept clean to get the best performance. Clean the textile outer pre-filter by gently vacuuming it to remove dust and hair. Wash the inner pre filter by running it under a gentle stream of water, then let it dry completely before replacing. Keeping these clean will help to prolong the effective life of the HEPA-13 filter and keep Renew running on top form. To ensure that your Renew receives the periodic firmware updates that enhance functionality and performance, keep it connected to your WiFi network.

How often do I need to change the filters and where can I buy replacements?

How often you need to replace the filters will depend on how polluted your air has been and how often you’ve run Renew. A general rule is about every six months. When it’s time to replace the filters, the filter change light on the Renew control panel illuminates and you will also be notified in the Airthings app. A pack containing 1 replacement HEPA-13 and 1 active charcoal filter will available for $69.99 ( C$89, €69, £59, 799 NOK, 499 DKK, 799 SEK) starting from June 2024 from or wherever Renew is sold. You will be able to order new filters using the Airthings app to buy from the Airthings online store.

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