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W. Padgett

Excellent Monitor and Great Company!

I bought this because I have worked from home for 5 years, and I am in the basement of my home which had a Radon system in it when I bought the house. 

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Improve your Air....Save your Life

This is a "Must Have" device for anyone concerned with home air quality, particularly in a pandemic when most of us are spending more time working from home.

Provides a lot of data

This thing does a lot! You'll need a smart phone and the app to get things going. Install it and wait a week so it can calibrate. Then you're off and running and able to see all kinds of interesting data about the air quality of your house. 

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Peace of mind

Good to have an indoor meter to watch several concerning toxins.

Learn more about indoor air quality

How to build complete multi-room air quality monitoring for your home.

Looking to set up great indoor air quality monitoring in your room? Here’s how to find the right one Airthings monitor for every room. 

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Test for radon with our step-by-step guide

The easiest 3-step explanation including sources. Everything you need to know about Radon gas

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What is Radon?

Learn how to measure radon, safe radon levels & ways to reduce radon.

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Everything you need to know about humidity in your home

Humidity impacts your health and your home. Get high humidity and low humidity tips.

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