Multi-room air quality monitoring for your home

Are you looking to get a comprehensive view of your indoor air quality? Having monitors in multiple rooms in your home becomes the key to getting accurate results and unlocking those insights you need to improve your living environment.

Airthings Multiroom

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Benefits of Airthings multi-room air quality monitoring

Every corner of your home presents its own unique challenges. A comprehensive multi-room monitoring system will provide you with a complete picture.

Experience peace of mind
Ensure that every inch of your home breathes fresh, clean air. Achieving a holistic view of your home environment requires more than one monitor.
Know where the problem comes from
Detect variations in air quality across different rooms and uncover the root causes of potential problems. Puts yourself in control of indoor air quality levels.
Address room-specific challenges
Equip yourself with knowledge about the unique challenges in each room, allowing you to tailor your efforts to tackle air quality issues head-on.
Everything is in one mobile app
Access all of these features in one app, with instant notifications, and color coded graphs. Investing in this technology is a long-term investment in your whole family's health.

What should you measure in the air quality of each room?

Different rooms, different challenges. Every corner of your home has its own unique challenges. Bathrooms can become breeding grounds for mold, the living room may house pollutants like PM2.5 and CO₂, and the bedroom's air quality can affect your sleep. With multi-room system, you can take control and ensure that every inch of your home breathes fresh, clean air.

Living room

Living rooms is where we spend the majority of our time. Consider using View Plus, our all-in-one device that monitors radon and indoor air quality with 7 installed sensors. To maintain a healthier living environment, you can monitor CO₂ levels, which can cause drowsiness, and unhealthy PM2.5 levels, which can impact respiratory health.

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Monitoring humidity, CO₂ levels, and temperature at a comfortable level can have a positive impact on your ability to fully recharge. Wave Plus is the ideal choice for your bedside table as it offers insights and alerts to help you address conditions before you go to sleep.

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The View Plus can help you optimize kitchen ventilation, ensuring that high levels of cooking odors, smoke, and excess humidity are promptly addressed. With this device, you can enhance the air quality in your kitchen, making it a more comfortable and healthier space for cooking and dining.

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Home office

Upgrade your home office setup with conditions that boost your productivity. Using Wave Plus will keep you on top of CO₂ levels, preventing drowsiness and maintaining your focus. With its real-time insights and alerts, it ensures that the air quality in your home office is optimized.

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Radon mainly comes from the ground, measuring it in the basement is the key. View Radon was created to monitor basement radon levels, as they are most likely to be a problem. Investing in long-term radon detection can eliminate risks from your family's exposure to this danger.

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Bathroom or Laundry room

Bathrooms can get humid, leading to mold growth and health risks. Wave Mini is a device that monitors humidity and temperature. It alerts you if there is excessive moisture, helping prevent mold and mildew.

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Kids room

Children require restful and healthy sleep for their growth and development. Wave Plus monitors essential air quality factors that help create optimal conditions for restful sleep and overall well-being, such as CO₂ levels, humidity, and temperature.

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Focus on what matters: invest in long-term health and comfort levels

Living Room + Bedroom
View Plus + Wave Plus

Start your indoor air quality journey with monitors that cover two of the rooms where you spend the most time at home.

room-image Living Room
room-image Bedroom
$469.99 $528.99
Save $59.00
Living Room + Bathroom
View Plus + Wave Mini

Get comprehensive air quality information in the room where your family gathers, and monitor the risk for mold growth in humid areas.

room-image Living Room
room-image Bathroom
$339.99 $378.99
Save $39.00
Living Room + Basement
View Plus + View Radon

Monitor radon in the basement where it enters the home, and get comprehensive air quality information in the room where your family gathers.

room-image Living Room
room-image Basement
$449.00 $498.99
Save $49.99
View Plus Duo
View Plus

Great for family rooms and kitchens where the family gathers and spends time together.

$538.00 $598.00
Save $60.00


From customers on the benefits of multi-room indoor air quality monitoring

“I bought my Airthings Wave Plus primarily to monitor the CO2 level in our bedroom. I have diminished lung capacity, so I need to be especially sure that I'm breathing good quality air. My device arrived quickly, and after the requisite 48 hours for the CO2 sensor to calibrate, I watched the CO2 readings for a couple of days and nights, and I was shocked to learn that it was spiking to over 2500ppm when we slept with the bedroom door and window shut.”

Amy B

“Slipped this little game-changer in my place and it was up and running in no time – the shipping was lightning fast! The app is a total win, making it a breeze to keep an eye on those metrics wherever I am.”

Leslie A

“The view plus provides excellent insight into the air quality in our living space. Very satisfied!.”

Lindsay W

“I've had my View Plus for a little over a year now. It seems reliable (consistent readings) and is easy to use and understand. I really like being able to see so many metrics at once - temperature, humidity, CO2 etc.”

Jeff C

“Great detector thank you so much. The software is incredible, with 12-hour. 48, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year of graphs (or pick your time interval). Great software design!.”

Leonard K


Air Purifier

Inspired by the Scandinavian ethos of design that combines beauty, simplicity, and function, we bring you Renew, the smart air purifier for bedrooms.

Enjoy peaceful sleep and peace of mind with the 4-stage HEPA-13 cleaning system that removes particulates, gasses, and odors from your air. On Silent mode, it’s so quiet you’ll hardly know it’s there. Set to Auto mode and take clean air for granted - the laser-based particulate sensor intelligently adjusts the fan speed according to the actual air quality, keeping your air clean and healthy.

Ideal for bedrooms but effective in any room up to 525 sq ft (49 m2), use the integrated strap handle to easily move Renew where you need it.

Got questions? Read our FAQ

Renew purifier by Airthings

Your bedroom deserves fresh air

Whisper-quiet Silent mode.
When it’s time for bed, activate Silent mode. Renew will run on low speed for 8 hours reaching only a whisper-quiet 23 dB. The dimmed control panel respectfully guards your sleep, so you wake fresh and renewed in the morning.
Blends in design to fit your style.
The elegant simplicity of its design conceals the versatility of multiple placement possibilities. Lay it flat, stand it upright, or mount it on the wall. Ideal for bedrooms, home offices and smaller living rooms.
Crafted with your health and comfort in mind.
Our built-in laser-based air quality sensor is the brains behind smart Auto mode. Renew adjusts automatically to combat poor air quality so you don’t have to think about it. Ensure healthy air for you and your family, without lifting a finger.

Anytime access with the Airthings app

Wi-fi enabled:
With Internet-connectivity, the Airthings app gives you smart control of Renew whether you’re at home or on the go.
Air quality control in the palm of your hand:
Turn Renew on and off from anywhere. Activate Silent, Boost, or Auto modes, lock the onboard control panel, check your air quality levels, and reorder filters right from the app.
Seeing is believing:
When it comes to your indoor air, we make it easy to see what's really going on. Browse the easy-to-read, interactive graphs to reveal the ups and downs of your air quality over time.
Air purifier in-app experience

Effective 4-stage filtering

Audio-grade textile outer pre-filter:
Prevents the largest particles like pet hair and dust from filling up the fine mesh inner pre-filter. Made of a luxe but durable speaker-grade textile treated to resist liquid stains.
Removable & washable inner pre-filter:
Traps finer particles like pollen and dust. A snap to remove for a quick rinse with water.
HEPA-13 particle filter:
HEPA 13 filter removes 99.97% of all particles in the air measuring 0.3 microns in diameter.
Activated charcoal filter:
Captures and traps gases (VOCs) and odors. Great for ridding the air of chemicals from cigarettes or paint fumes. Drastically reduces the smells caused by cooking and pets.
Airthings Renew Filters

Frequently asked questions

Is Renew specifically for bedrooms, or can I use it in other rooms?

Yes, you can use it in other rooms. We think Renew is ideal for bedrooms because it’s quiet and has an understated and versatile design. But it can clean the air in any room up to 525 sq ft (49 m2) in about 30 minutes. Use the strap handle to carry Renew from one room to another - wherever you want to be sure the air indoors is clean and healthy.

Can I control Renew without the Airthings app?

Yes. All device controls are available using the onboard control panel as well as the app. However, the Airthings app offers great additional features that bring you more information and value. Use the app to look into the details of your air quality in beautiful, easy to navigate graphs. Set notifications to learn when your air quality declines, no matter where you are. Order replacement filters, get air quality tips, and much more.

What steps should I take to ensure that Renew operates at its optimal performance?

Renew has two pre-filters and both should be kept clean to get the best performance. Clean the textile outer pre-filter by gently vacuuming it to remove dust and hair. Wash the inner pre filter by running it under a gentle stream of water, then let it dry completely before replacing. Keeping these clean will help to prolong the effective life of the HEPA-13 filter and keep Renew running on top form. To ensure that your Renew receives the periodic firmware updates that enhance functionality and performance, keep it connected to your WiFi network.

How often do I need to change the filters and where can I buy replacements?

How often you need to replace the filters will depend on how polluted your air has been and how often you’ve run Renew. A general rule is about every six months. When it’s time to replace the filters, the filter change light on the Renew control panel illuminates and you will also be notified in the Airthings app.

Tech specs

Product Sheet (PDF)


Quick Start Guide (PDF)


User Manual (PDF)

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● ≥25 μg/m3
≥10 and <25 μg/m3
<10 μg/m3

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23 dB (Silent mode) - 51 dB (Boost mode)

Power usage: 2.6 W (Silent) - 31.5 W (Boost) - 1 w (Standby)

Connectivity: WiFi 802.11b/g/n

Remote control: Via Airthings app




Dimensions (HxWxD):
16 x 16 x 5.7 in (41 x 41 x 17 cm)

Net weight (unit with filters): 11.9 lbs (5.4 kg)

Power cable length: 5.6 ft (1.7 m)




Airthings app:
Internet-connected smartphone with one of the 3 latest major versions of iOS or Android, supporting Bluetooth 4.2 or later

Wireless connectivity: Router operating at 2.4 GHz and 802.11b/g/n


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Comes with a standard warranty, details are available here

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Why View Plus?

Our most comprehensive monitor

Radon and air quality monitor:
Equipped with seven sensors, including Radon, Particulate Matter (PM1 & PM2.5), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Airborne Chemicals (VOCs), Temperature, Air Pressure, and Humidity.
Empowers you to take control of your well-being:
Sometimes even the thing you're born great at could use a boost. With Airthings, it's like having a personal trainer for home's air.
A team of scientists on your side:
Established in 2008, Airthings is led by a team of experienced IAQ scientists and engineers.
View Plus air quality & radon monitor by Airthings