What is RESET healthy buildings standard?

Emily Moschowits
August 11, 2021

There is a lot of buzz around the idea of smart buildings, which promise the triple benefit of saving owners money, reducing environmental impacts, and improving the health and wellbeing of employees and tenants. However, it can be hard to know where to start the accreditation process. That’s why we have compiled everything you need to know about certifying your business for air quality with RESET.

You can trust us, as View Plus for Business is now RESET accredited, meaning we can provide all the sensors required for certification. Additionally, we have 3 RESET Accredited Professionals (AP) that can help create the required plan for how and where to install the sensors. Finally, you can now directly send data from the Airthings Dashboard to RESET with the click of a button. As Airthings is an accredited data provider, you can be sure our data can be used for the certification process.  


1. What is RESET, who created it, and why?

RESET® stands for Regenerative Ecological, Social, and Economic Targets. It is a set of measurable, international standards for healthy buildings. These standards were developed by GIGA, an international organization aiming to improve environmental, social, governance of buildings through creating tools for data driven decision making1. Although they create many tools for smart building planning, they themselves do not create the sensors needed to implement the monitoring. 


RESET’s long-term aim is to bring about policy change to promote healthier buildings. However, you can’t make data-driven policy decisions without first collecting the data. This is why they want to use continual monitoring to give a more accurate picture of the health of the built environment. Their stated goal is to understand “How does the built environment become more sustainable with the lowest cost and effort?2

To answer this question, they need data to create benchmarks and services to address issues around building quality. RESET started their data collection and benchmarking around air quality but have plans on expanding to include other metrics. 

The three pillars of RESET are ecological, social, and economic. This ties into their mission of regenerating these three environments via human health3. These values also align with Airthings’ sustainability goals for people, planet, and business. 

RESET provides a number of different international healthy building standards. They are currently developing standards in different modules, allowing customizable solutions and for companies to grow their impact over time4. However, for now their main focus is RESET Air. 

This guide will give you an overview of this standard, why it is important, and how you can get your company involved in making a difference for people and the planet through continual air monitoring.  

2. What is RESET Air and RESET Air for Commercial Interiors?

RESET Air is the standard created for monitoring building air quality. There are two subcategories buildings can apply to for accreditation: Commercial Interiors, which focuses on indoor air quality, and Core & Shell, which focuses on the building’s HVAC system5

RESET Air is a set of standards and tools for continuous air monitoring. They promote sustainable and healthy buildings by providing a framework to understand indoor air quality. The main metrics they focus on are: particulate matter, temperature, humidity, chemical off-gassing, and carbon dioxide. The quality of air can greatly impact the health of humans and the building itself, but without continual monitoring, it can be hard to optimize.    

The remainder of this guide will focus on Commercial Interiors, as that is where Airthings' expertise lies. We will walk you through the process of RESET Accreditation and let you know where we can help along the way. 

3. What is required for a RESET Air accreditation? 

RESET has three main specifications that they require for accreditation. The first requirement is correctly planning to install RESET-approved sensors for monitoring air quality. The Airthings View Plus for Business solution is one of these RESET approved sensors.


Secondly, RESET needs you to ensure proper installation and calibration to ensure the data is trusted.

And finally, they have specific reporting and platform requirements.


Want to know more about using Airthings for Business in your RESET project? 

Read more here about the steps to RESET certification and how Airthings can help.  


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