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A sustainable future for everyone


Airthings is a purpose-driven company that cares about making
a difference for our people, planet and the way we do business.

Q3 2020


Q3 2020
2026 Goal:
1M tons CO2e

We have helped our customers reduce tons of CO2e so far.

2400000 240000 15 236 566400000
That's equivalent to removing cars off the road.

*Calculations based on estimates of energy saved from buildings controlled by Airthings devices.

23% of global energy consumption comes from buildings

There are energy-saving opportunities in all buildings.

Energy reduction with Airthings

Approximately 10% of energy consumption can be saved by optimizing heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

On average during operating hours, 15% of energy consumption can be saved by aligning indoor and outdoor pressure.

Airthings enables a reduced CO2 footprint.

Our approach

It is key for any business to address the social and environmental issues of our time. This is why our internal actions as well as our products, can help create sustainable solutions.

We want to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of people and planet.

We create valuable and loveable experiences by educating and empowering the world on how the air we breathe affects our lives.

Operating sustainably is a continuous process and we are continuously assessing our value chain to identify and improve unsustainable practices.

The big questions to answer are, how do we close the loop of our linear model? How do we ensure human rights in our supply chain? How do we mitigate our environmental impact, with a special focus on our CO2e emissions through our supply chain?

Sustainability challenges

Our approach is based on our core values and the interconnectivity between them:

Sustainability graphics_People


We dare to innovate, be curious, and make a difference in the way we do business.

Sustainability graphics_Planet


We love the planet and its people, health and wellbeing.

Sustainability graphics_Business_Ecosystem


We focus on creating the best experiences and solutions to our customers and the planet.

A healthier lifestyle

Airthings radon and indoor air quality monitors help in preventing lung cancer, avoiding asthma triggering and defend against virus transmission. We also focus on data for a healthier lifestyle to boost concentration, productivity and sick absenteeism for education centers and businesses.


Have any questions about our sustainablility practices? We'd love to hear from you.