Health of the occupants

Ensure a healthy living and working environment by continuously monitoring and trending indoor air quality parameters.


Energy optimization

Improve how buildings and homes respond to changes throughout the day and maintain a high level of performance and optimization over time.

How can Airthings help you optimize your indoor air quality and energy consumption?

We tackle directly the 20% of the global CO2 emissions caused by buildings and homes around the world (EIA 2016) by optimizing indoor air quality and energy consumption to help you decrease energy up to 20%.


CO2 monitoring

High CO2 levels indicate occupied rooms. Tracking occupancy and using this to inform HVAC operations can minimize wasted energy improve efficiency by optimizing heating, cooling, and lighting rooms.

Contaminant illustrations_CO2


Lowering the thermostat just 1 degree Celsius, we can reduce energy consumption by 5%.

Contaminant illustration_Temperature

Humidity and mold risk

Water vapor can get trapped in walls, leading to moisture damage and promoting mold growth. By understanding your mold risk, you can prevent long-term damage and reduce costs.

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Particulate matter (PM)

High levels of PM could indicate an issue with your boiler or HVAC system. Inefficient furnaces or malfunctioning HVACs waste energy and contribute to pollution.

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Turning the lights on only when needed has a significant reduction on your energy bill and impact.

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