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Meet Wave Enhance

Great for bedrooms and home offices. Airthings Wave Enhance is a compact, discreet, battery-operated monitor that tracks carbon dioxide (CO2), airborne chemicals (VOCs), humidity, temperature and air pressure.

Healthy levels of CO2 in the air help you to be at your best by promoting restful sleep and the ability to stay focused and perform. And because it also tracks ambient light and noise levels, it’s an especially smart choice for bedrooms and home offices.

for bedroom

Your favorite playlist isn't the only thing that helps you sleep

Ensure your bedroom air is fresh and well-balanced to create a sleep-friendly environment.  Maintain comfortable temperature and humidity levels, and keep the room well-ventilated to prevent too much CO2 from accumulating and disrupting your restful sleep.

Wave Enhance for sleep
for the home office

Stay sharp and keep productivity high

Set up yourself up for success in your home office by avoiding headaches, fatigue and brain fog that can result from poorly ventilated spaces. Detecting CO2  shifts may be tricky, but their impact is substantial. High CO2 levels can cut productivity by 60%, impair decisions, and cause fatigue. Monitor your air so you stay in control and create the best possible work environment.

Wave Enhance - Office