Why does air quality in schools matter? An infographic!

Tim Kovalev

January 7, 2022

From the moment children walk through the school gates, their health and wellbeing should be prioritized, on top of the education, they are given. We look after children's welfare in every way during their school day. Regulation is in place to ensure anti-bullying measures, the buildings are assessed regularly to prevent unnecessary hazards and now, thankfully, air quality is being considered too. And not just if it's too warm or too cold.

Therefore, this infographic summarises the key points around how air quality can impact the health of students and staff, and what that means for educational institutions.

The good news is that providing an optimal learning environment for students and staff by monitoring indoor air quality and addressing any problems is straightforward. Find out more in our latest infographic below.


Airthings_School infographic

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