Indoor air quality monitoring in numbers for property managers



December 6, 2019

Better indoor air quality in the workspace boosts employee productivity and delivers energy efficiency. Discover how property managers can use air quality monitoring to improve customer satisfaction and boost tenancy rates.

The latest figures from the Harvard Annual Review of public health show that, on average, people now spend 90% of their time indoors. Indoor air quality increasingly affects our health and determines how effectively we work. By understanding the value of monitoring indoor air, property managers can deliver better services for building users.


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  • Indoor air affects our health and determines how effectively we work.
  • Skilled workers now demand the top tech in their workplaces.
  • Better air quality improves decision making scores by 100%, boosts productivity by $17,000 and cuts sick leave by up to 4 days per year per worker.
  • Focusing on creating a better environment for employees offers a larger return on investment than driving down costs.

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