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We spoke to the Vice President of Business Development and his team at Hedrick Associates in 2019,  to hear their take on how indoor air quality impacts their business, and how Airthings for Business can help. Hendricks is a manufacturers’ representative firm focused on the Liebert and Marley product lines. Their expertise in precision HVAC and critical power systems meant they were the perfect team to ask. 

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The challenge

Hedrick Associates needed to get real time data and analyze it to help their clients gain control of their indoor air. The Airthings Dashboard, was particularly helpful in validating improvements and issues that may arise for facility managers. Not only could they show where and what the issues were, but they could implement corrective measures and provide evidence that they have worked. 

  • Access to real time air quality data
  • Resolving and justifying air quality issues for clients

"Airthings provides a low cost easy installation product for our customers"- Hedrick Associates 0.57


The solution 

Hedrick Associates use the Airthings for Business solution to identify their customer pain points and use indoor air quality data to validate corrective measures for their clients.

"Having the Airthings Dashboard and all the data is a validation, I believe, for let's just call it the facility managers" - Hedrick Associates 1:22

They can use the Airthings solution to assess any possible issues in their clients air quality. More importantly, they can also show how their recommended fixes have resolved these issues, by providing air quality data over time.

See how Hedrick Associates uses the Airthings for Business solution to optimize air conditions and improve clients satisfaction first hand in the video below ⬇️

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