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Scroll down to watch the video with Hedrick Associates ⬇️

We interviewed the team at Hendrick Associates to hear their take on how indoor air quality impacts their business. Hendricks is a manufacturers’ representative firm focused on the Liebert and Marley product lines. Their expertise in precision HVAC and critical power systems meant they were the perfect team to ask. 

They needed to get real data and analyze it to help their clients gain control of their indoor air. The Airthings Dashboard, was particularly helpful in validating improvements and issues that may arise for facility managers. Not only could they show where and what the issues were, but they could implement corrective measures and provide evidence that they have worked. 

Find out more in the video and see how Hedrick Associates use the Airthings for Business solution to identify their customer pain points and use indoor air quality data to validate corrective measures for their clients.