How to use the Airthings Business Dashboard

Marie Bannister

Marie Bannister

June 2, 2020

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Airthings Business Dashboard is set up for one purpose: to give users insights into their indoor air quality, and make necessary changes to help improve it. In this introduction video, our Field Application Manager Joakim, explains tile by tile how you can use it best. 

Airthings for Business

Airthings Dashboard was created to provide an overview of all of your rooms, floors, and locations. In addition, you can receive automated alerts should conditions change and air quality deteriorate. Customization is also easy, as you can add and remove tiles as per your preference. If the account is shared, tailored preferences can also be set per user.

Need an answer to a specific Airthings Business Dashboard question?

No problem, get the answer to the following questions by clicking the blue time stamp listed below! 

    • Where do you find the real-time indoor air quality for one of your offices?-0:56
    • How do I visually present the current and historical radon readings for the basement -1.07
    • Where is the weekly view of the carbon dioxide levels? -1:19
    • How do I customize my Airthings for Business Dashboard tiles? -1:41
    • What is the devices view for? 2:03

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    • What can I do with the graphs from my sensor readings? -3:00
    • How do I generate a radon report, export data and create a CSV file from my sensor readings? 3:23
    • What does the ‘building’ section do? -4:04
    • How do I access my user preferences such as force log out of all devices, change my notifications or language settings? -5:12
    • How do I integrate Airthings sensors with other systems? -5:43

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