Facility Managers, boost your office’s ROI and productivity with indoor air monitoring

Marie Bannister

Marie Bannister

November 11, 2020


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It’s easy to think that air quality is purely about temperature, and the endless (not to mention unresolvable) battle to ensure your tenants are neither too hot nor too cold.

Want to book a demo or expand your current setup? Contact us    With detailed indoor air quality reports, you will be able to issue work orders with confidence, optimize energy usage, and even reassure colleagues that temperature, for instance, is optimal.

However, indoor air quality goes way beyond the thermostat. Indoor air quality also includes radon, airborne chemicals (VOCs), CO2, humidity and pressure, which have a very real effect on people’s health and performance at work. Cumulatively, an increase in productivity and optimized energy usage can result in increased ROI for the building.

Indoor air quality monitoring empowers you as a facility manager to use data to demonstrate an optimal environment and back up work orders. You can quickly resolve office disputes, boost productivity, and increase ROI in your building.

Download⬇️ our free in-depth FM eGuide which helps you to:

  • Improve decision making and reduces absenteeism among those in your building.
  • Translate data into higher business revenues, ROI and tenancy rates.
  • Show your true value as a facility manager.

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