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Georg Schance, head of facility management at Toma, and Leif Høili, head of technical management at Toma, tell us about the importance of indoor air quality for their business. In particular, they explain how Airthings sensors help them provide a better service.Social-FM-Case-Study-03

Toma is one of the biggest facility management companies in Norway and Denmark. For a company managing multiple buildings, being fully in control of air quality is fundamental.

Toma was facing a problem. Clients in their buildings were often complaining about their indoor air, describing it as “heavy", and found the temperature either too hot or too cold. Toma started looking for a solution. They needed to know in real-time if there was an issue in order to solve it quickly, minimize complaints and create value.Social-FM-Case-Study-04
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Toma understands the importance of offering something beyond the standard services package, by improving the wellbeing in their buildings and equipping clients with the optimal conditions to get the best out of their employees. For Toma, the Airthings for Business Dashboard has been particularly important as it provides real-time indoor air quality data across multiple locations.


Toma explains that Airthings’ emphasis on the wellbeing of building users provides the company with a unique selling point, especially at a time when air quality and environmental pollution are rising on the public agenda. The system gives Toma the necessary tools to improve their business services and differentiate themselves from competitors in the marketplace.

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See how Toma uses the Airthings for Business solution to optimize air conditions and improve clients satisfaction.



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0.41 How does Airthings give Toma tools for better services?

1.07 How is the data from Airthings valuable for Toma?

1.31 What are the benefits from Airthings? How is it different from its competitors?

2.06 How does Airthings give Toma a competitive advantage?

2.14 How is the setting up easy?

2.40 How does Airthings help with climate concerns?

2.55 How is it possible to be relevant in the market?

3.07 Why only providing standard services is not enough anymore?

3.27 Why is it important to choose a good service partner? 

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