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We're thrilled to announce that Airthings for Business has officially become a SmartScore accredited provider! Airthings can in fact contribute up to an impressive 24.5 credits out of a total of 100 in your SmartScore accreditation journey. In today’s blog post, we will delve into the significance of SmartScore certification, what it means to be an accredited provider, and how Airthings can support your building in achieving a SmartScore certification. 

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What is SmartScore?

Developed by WiredScore, a globally-recognized authority in building technology certifications, SmartScore is a program that takes the notion of smart and sustainable buildings to the next level. WiredScore has long been a leader in evaluating and rating a building's digital connectivity through its original WiredScore certification. Now, SmartScore extends this by assessing a building's use of smart technologies and sustainability practices.

Why was SmartScore launched?

While WiredScore focused on essential elements like broadband connectivity and network resilience, the next frontier in building certifications was clear: smart technologies and sustainability. Launched in 2021, SmartScore aims to fill the gap in standard-setting by providing a comprehensive evaluation of a building's green credentials and technological capabilities. With the rise in expectations for smart, seamless, and sustainable workspaces, SmartScore offers landlords and tenants the assurance that a building meets these critical criteria.

The SmartScore scorecard is divided into 12 categories within two main areas: the User Functionality and Technological Foundation of the building.User Functionality evaluates how well a building addresses real-life issues and enhances user experiences across six crucial areas, including health, safety, and productivity. On the other hand, Technological Foundation assesses the robustness and future-readiness of a building's technology, processes, and procedures through six different categories that cover everything from digital connectivity and cybersecurity to governance and data sharing. Together, these aspects offer a holistic assessment of a building's smart capabilities, ensuring it meets today's needs while being poised for future innovations.

The importance of becoming an accredited provider

Being part of SmartScore's Accredited Solutions program means that the Airthings for Business solutions has been meticulously benchmarked against WiredScore's certification standards. In other words, we have proven that our technologies not only align with, but significantly contribute to, the SmartScore certifications. This accreditation saves landlords and developers the time and resources they would otherwise have to spend on conducting their own rigorous research and vetting process. Full documentation on the alignment is available from your Airthings for Business sales manager or partner. 

How can Airthings help your building achieve SmartScore Certification?


SmartScore provides a comprehensive approach to determining how smart and sustainable a building is. The evaluation is divided into multiple categories and criteria. Airthings for Business has been deemed by SmartScore to support six of these categories, with up to 24.5 credits out of the 100-credit SmartScore system.

Airthings shows great level of delivery across the wellbeing categories on the SmartScore scorecard. A few standout functionalities that score Exceptional Air Quality, Energy Optimisation, and Wellbeing Reporting.

2.1 Air Quality: Our cutting-edge wireless and easy-to-install sensors provide real-time monitoring of air quality factors such as CO2 levels, PM2.5 and PM10, TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), humidity, and temperature, and radon gas contributing directly to the well-being of building occupants.

3.2 Energy Optimization: Airthings' sensors and advanced dashboard features like Energy Toolkit and Space Utilization can help fine-tune HVAC systems for optimal energy use, significantly contributing to a building's energy efficiency.

2.3 Wellbeing Report: With our comprehensive reporting tools and insightful dashboard, property owners can offer tenants tangible proof of the building's commitment to health and wellbeing.


These features are key to delivering the foundation of a smart building and Airthings scores impressively for it's solution type. It is important to take into account the different modules, as well as integrations, required to work together to ensure full delivery of the User Functionality features.

Real-World Implications
Given the growing demand for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) transparency from investors and tenants alike, Airthings’ accredited solutions not only contribute to the SmartScore but also offer valuable data for ESG reports.

Achieving SmartScore certification is becoming increasingly essential for buildings to remain competitive and meet the fast-evolving needs of tenants. With Airthings as your accredited provider, you are equipped with a robust toolset to make your building smarter, more sustainable, and significantly more appealing to both current and prospective tenants.

Airthings for Business can be a pivotal part of your strategy to achieve various building certifications focused on well-being, energy efficiency and sustainability, such as RESET Air
, LEED, WELL, and BREEAM. Adding the SmartScore accreditation to this list reinforces the versatility of our solutions in meeting the comprehensive needs of modern, smart, and healthy buildings that want to stay attractive and competitive towards tenants and investors alike. 

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