Case study: Proptech Bergen

Marie Bannister

Marie Bannister

April 15, 2021

Learn how indoor air quality data helped attract numerous tenants to a once disused commercial building. It's now notoriously energy efficient. Download the Proptech Bergen case study today 



Few thought this old commercial building had promise. But, implementing Airthings for Business enabled the owners to deliver a comfortable work environment — and scale up improvements in an affordable manner.


When a four thousand square meter commercial building was turned into ‘Proptech Bergen’, most of the workspace had been unoccupied for five years and much of the property’s technical equipment was old, outdated, or broken. Yet, this ‘modern office community’ is now a magnet for new tenants and a model for other building owners.

  • This prospective workspace had been unoccupied for years and much of the property's technical equipment was old, outdated, or broken.
  • Bad ventilation problems didn't make for an attractive space either.

But converting the property into a ‘living lab’ that served as a magnet for new tenants didn’t require an expensive refurbishment or laying miles of cable. Instead, they carefully began to get a handle on the indoor air quality issues using Airthings for Business.


  • Proptech Bergen slashed energy costs by 20%, just by dropping the night-time and weekend temperatures by 4 degrees.

  • Avoided HVAC specialist visits that would have cost around €18,000.

  • Combined existing building infrastructure with strategic placement of sensors and cutting edge monitors to improve the environment and slash costs.

  • Transformed a deteriorating, unused space into a 'smart building' and real-estate tech hub the media described as Norway's answer to Silicon Valley.

  • View this case study to discover how the Proptech Bergen team improved their indoor air with ease!

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