How to get ahead of the air quality regulators - an Airthings eGuide

Marie Bannister

Marie Bannister

June 10, 2021

We've compiled the latest air quality information to help Facility Managers everywhere get ahead of the regulations. Read our latest eGuide now! 

What do all of these public bodies have in common? 

  • What do all these public bodies have in common?
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The European Commission.
  • The World Health Organization.

    ...All of them are currently setting guidelines on the issue of indoor air quality for businesses! 

Public health bodies are producing a growing range of guidelines and recommendations on the topic of indoor air pollution, especially in the current climate. Now is the time for organizations to prioritize indoor air quality before future regulations force their hand. Check out our handy eGuide contains everything FMs need to know about air quality.

Science shows that productivity, health and wellbeing are all at risk from contaminants inside buildings, from offices and workplaces to educational institutions.

Just as outdoor pollution has been subject to new laws and regulations, indoor air quality is next on the agenda for lawmakers in the US and Europe.

Get the eGuide to discover⬇️

  • Why indoor air quality matters and the impact on health, productivity and efficiency
  • Current regulations that building owners and managers should know about
  • Which countries are currently considering stricter indoor air quality legislation
  • How tackling indoor air quality reduces costs, boosts building efficiency and improves tenant satisfaction


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