How to set up Slack alerts with Airthings for Business Dashboard

Marie Bannister

Marie Bannister

June 9, 2020

At Airthings for Business, integration is key. This month, we have released a new third party integration with Slack🎊

Slack is a business communication platform which allows you to work in channels, and uses direct messaging. Slack offers a new choice: a better way to work together by replacing email inside companies of all sizes.

You can now integrate your Airthings account with Slack and receive alerts when your sensor values go over a set threshold.

How to set up Slack alerts with Airthings for Business Dashboard

Follow these 7 easy steps to get customised notifications of your buildings air quality to whichever Slack channel you choose! 

  1. Go to the Airthings Dashboard and select Integrations.

  2. Under the Integrations menu you will find a new sub-menu called Third party.

  3. Select the new integrations button, and follow the instructions to sign into your Slack account.

    Airthings for Business Slack integration
  4. Once your account is linked, you can move on to setting up your alerts. Select alerts from the navigation pane, and Slack

  5. Make the alert name something you would like to be notified of. Such as 'Time to open a window'. 

    Airthings for Business slack
  6. Select the buildings or device you want to set the alert for. All the buildings and devices connected to your account should automatically pop up. 

    Airthings for Business Slack integration
  7. Set rules to trigger the alert and press save.

    Airthings for Business Slack integration

Now you are all set! Your new notification will show in your Dashboard under Alerts. You can switch them on or off at any time, or make changes to the notifications.


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