Toma’s vision is simple, to ‘give people a better working day’. As one of the largest facility management companies in Norway and Denmark, with forty-four years of experience, they truly have the resources to do so. They manage multiple buildings across various service areas, and healthy, energy-efficient indoor air quality is at the center. And what is a key part of their solution? Healthy, energy-efficient indoor air quality, of course.


Save energy to protect the planet and reduce energy costs without affecting employee satisfaction.


Toma saved 26% of energy in just one year.
Yes, you read that right. 26%. So how did they do this?

With the help of EC Dashboard that shows both the energy and HVAC data, Toma could identify they were using too much energy on the weekends. The task was to find out what was the cause. Thanks to Airthings air quality data, they could see that the heating was left on unnecessarily over the weekends. Why heat rooms that no one occupies? It was a quick adjustment for Toma.


Toma could also demonstrate that they do not compromise on occupant health and wellbeing. Their data showed they consistently had healthy CO2 levels, not exceeding the recommended 1000 ppm. Levels were so good in fact, you could say they have fresh outdoor air inside.  



Peaks in VOC levels were detected sporadically also. With this data, TOMA can investigate. Most likely causes are new office furniture purchases leaving temporary heightened levels in the air. The good news is that the HVAC system is clearly working to ventilate the space, as levels did not last a long time. With the IAQ data, they could find out. 

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