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Airthings, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) specialists and experts in radon gas detection, is optimized for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT integration, meaning there are now even more ways to take control of your indoor air quality. Furthermore, the recent collaboration with BrezeoMeter brings a new tile to the Airthings Dashboard. As a result, users have access to both indoor and outdoor air data.  Airthings’ integration with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, as well as the Airthings Dashboard, gives you a complete personalized system to control your Airthings devices.

Airthings and Amazon Alexa

Airthings now offers Smart Home Skills for integrating the Airthings Wave and Airthings Wave Plus with Amazon Alexa’s voice controls. Ask Alexa to report radon levels in different rooms of your home. First, activate the Airthings Alexa skill in the Amazon app, then ask:

“Alexa, ask Airthings to check my basement”

“Alexa, open Airthings and list my rooms”

Alexa will then read out up-to-date data from the Airthings device. This makes getting the latest sensor data easy, effortless and completely wireless.  Each morning with a simple question you can find out if your radon levels are healthy and safe. To get the best results, regularly sync your Airthings device with the Airthings app on your phone. This ensures the most recent sensor data is available to Alexa.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up an Airthings device with Amazon Alexa. 


Airthings and Google Assistant

At CES we announced our latest integration with Google Assistant voice control.  Wave Mini Wave, and Wave Plus are now compatible, meaning those with Google Home devices can ask things like:

“Hey Google, check the air quality in the bedroom”

“Hey Google, check the radon”

“Hey Google, check the CO2 in the basement”

Google will then read out the latest sensor data from the Airthings device. Voice control integration is great for those with a busy lifestyle. A quick question to Google Home means that your radon levels and other sensors are read out efficiently. To get the best results, regularly sync your Airthings device with the Airthings app on your phone. This ensures the most recent sensor data is available to Alexa.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up an Airthings device with Google Assistant. 

Airthings and IFTTT


IFTTT tiles featuring Airthings https://ifttt.com/airthings


Find the Airthings IFTTT dedicated page with all of the recipes here.

Airthings recently integrated Wave and Wave Plus and soon the Wave Mini with IFTTT to provide third-party product integrations and new features. With an IFTTT connected Wave, users can now customize their experience. Unlimited recipes can be created on the IFTTT platform. One of our most popular recipes allows users to set up their device so that they receive an SMS or email when radon levels rise above a certain threshold. Both provide peace of mind by notifying users of potential issues. Moreover, with compatible devices, users can get a notification in the IFTTT app when it is temperature or humidity levels decrease or increase past what is comfortable. In the same way, users can get a notification when CO2 is high, which can cause headaches and drowsiness.

The IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa integrations and Dashboard are free for the consumer and will work with Airthings smart products.

“We will do anything we can do to help people easily monitor and understand radon. The more people that monitor their Radon, the more lives we are able to save since Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers in the United States,

-Oyvind Birkenes CEO

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Airthings DashboardScreen featuring Airthings Dashboard tiles

The Airthings Dashboard is an online platform that provides quick access to view, customize and analyze sensor data from multiple Airthings devices. Continuous monitoring of IAQ is necessary to minimize health effects and increase overall wellbeing. The Airthings Dashboard is a free feature that accompanies the Airthings Wave smart products and provides online access to detailed sensor information as well as the ability to export data and manage notifications. Users now have full visibility into their radon, humidity, CO2, TVOC and temperature levels and can easily analyze historical data, monitor and compare multiple rooms/devices and identify ways to optimize ventilation and overall indoor air quality. With customizable tiles that illustrate sensor data or a device summary, users can personalize the dashboard to fit their needs. Device Tiles summarize the data from all sensors, while Sensor Tiles provide a graph of your levels over time for each individual sensor. With the new tile powered by BreezeoMeter data, users can view real-time outdoor air quality levels such as allergens and dust (PM10) directly from the Airthings Dashboard. This means that local concerns such as power plants, inner-city dust levels, high traffic areas and many more can all be monitored easily.

“As our company moves into smart home solutions, we expand our offerings to better serve our customers and provide a broader view of data and analytics. The dashboard will allow users to analyze and export data through a clean, easy-to-use interface, truly elevating the entire experience of Airthings devices”.

-Oyvind Birkenes, CEO


  • Airthings Dashboard: Airthings Wave Mini, Airthings Wave, and Airthings Wave Plus.
  • IFTTT: Airthings Wave Mini, Airthings Wave, and Airthings Wave Plus.
  • Google Assistant: Airthings Wave Mini, Airthings Wave, Airthings Wave Plus.
  • Amazon Alexa: Airthings Wave, Airthings Wave Plus.