Notice of extraordinary general meeting

Oslo, Norway (February 15, 2023) - The board of directors of Airthings ASA ("Airthings" or the "Company") calls for an extraordinary general meeting to be held at 09:00 CET on March 9, 2023, at the Company's offices in Wergelandsveien
7, Oslo.

The purpose of the extraordinary general meeting is to increase the Company’s share capital in connection with a private placement and grant an authorization for the board of directors to increase the share capital in connection with investments, general corporate purposes, and transactions.

The notice for the extraordinary general meeting is attached hereto. The notice will be sent to all registered shareholders on February 15, 2023. To register your attendance, send a proxy or cast your vote electronically in advance through VPS Investor Services using the following link:

Register attendance

For any questions, please contact:

Nora Perez
Head of PR

Pre-meeting documents

Investor relations contact

Jeremy Gerst

Lauren Pedersen

Øyvind Birkenes