All employees will have equal opportunities regardless of their cultural background, ethnicity, functional ability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, outlook on life, religion, or sexual orientation. We want a varied and inclusive work environment with equal career opportunities for all.

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Section 1 The state of gender equality

On the 31st of December 2021, Airthings ASA had 96 employees, made up of 72% men and 28% women. The management group’s makeup was 62% men and 38% women. We aim to increase the total proportion of women throughout the company including in management. Airthings will be an inclusive and developing workplace for all genders.

Airthings employees are mainly employed in permanent full-time positions. Fewer than five employees have voluntarily chosen to work part-time. Temporary employees are interns and substitutes. In 2021, 2% of our employees worked in temporary positions.

The average number of weeks of parental leave for women was 34, and the average number of weeks of parental leave for men was 16.

The total number of employees Management The average number of weeks of parental leave
Men Women Men Women Men Women
72% 28% 62% 38% 16 34


Section 2 How we work for equality and non-discrimination

At Airthings, we see the value of having a diverse workforce that reflects society. As of the 31st of December 2021, we had employees from 36 different nationalities with English as our working language. Our goal is to ensure an inclusive work environment with equal career opportunities for all. Airthings facilitates it so that all employees receive equal opportunities for job development, and we work actively to stimulate placing more women into senior positions, including positions where men predominate. Generally, when hiring, our recruitment focuses on achieving a balance regarding age, gender, and other backgrounds.

Airthings’ employees are responsible for contributing to a good and inclusive work environment and acting in a manner that strengthens internal cohesion and creates trust and respect. Our equality and human rights work is rooted in the company’s strategy, values, and ethical guidelines, which are formally recorded in the personnel manual.

Airthings has zero-tolerance for harassment, and our guidelines refer to employee procedures if situations arise where notification is required. Clear descriptions of the notification routine have been prepared and are easily accessible to the employees. Throughout 2021, there were no incidents of discrimination or other undesirable incidents reported through the notification routine or other channels.

In our quarterly employee surveys, the work environment and employee engagement are mapped out. The results are followed-up by each department and the management team. Measures are prepared and followed up.

Airthings works actively to promote an inclusive and non-discriminatory work environment. In 2021, we began work on the UN's sustainability goals with a particular focus on goal number 5 "Gender equality". Our focus on gender equality covers all areas, and on the 8th of March of 2022, we put women in focus with the workshop theme "How can we break down the differences".

Professional and thorough recruitment processes are measures that help us recruit for diversity. Advertised positions are open to internal candidates because we place great emphasis on the opportunity that internal mobility provides from a development perspective. This applies to both the individual employee and for the organization as a whole. We carry out thorough processes where all applicants must be properly taken care of. We have defined a structured process for recruitment, and HR is involved in all recruitment processes. Requirements are set for the recruiting manager and any external recruitment services regarding the assessment of diversity and gender equality. In 2022, all management will undergo education and training with a focus on shedding light on raising awareness of unconscious prejudices and how to prevent unconscious and conscious discrimination in the processes.

In Airthings, all employees must be properly paid for the work they perform, regardless of gender. All employees' salaries are assessed annually. In connection with salary assessments and salary determination associated with new hires, an assessment of equal pay is made to avoid biases. If inequalities that cannot be justified in other circumstances are revealed during the annual salary assessment, additional funds are provided to even these out.

Further work on equality and non-discrimination

Ensuring equality and the prevention of discrimination is both the manager's and employee's responsibility. HR, shop stewards, employee representatives, and the security will work together with the management of Airthings to facilitate, coordinate and evaluate the work.

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