Starter kit for multi-room, connected radon and indoor air quality monitoring.
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Multiroom solution for air quality and radon

Airthings House Kit is a great first step for in-home monitoring of radon and air quality. You'll get two monitors, Wave Radon and Wave Mini. Wave Radon is ideally suited for basement or ground-level radon monitoring. Wave Mini is a versatile monitor that tracks airborne chemicals (VOCs) or indicates the risk for mold growth. You'll also get the Airthings Hub which connects to your home's internet and to each monitor so that you have anytime access to your air quality information and timely notifications no matter where you are. Using the Airthings app, you can check live readings, analyze trends over time with sophisticated graphs, get air quality tips and manage your notification settings.

Monitor the air around you


You can't see or smell it, but long-term exposure to this radioactive gas is the top cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

Mold risk indication

Stop mold before it starts. Get warned when ambient conditions are creating an environment conducive to mold growth.


Temperature is not just a matter of comfort, it can negatively affect sleep quality, mood, and alertness.

Airborne chemicals (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are airborne chemicals emitted by everyday items - many are harmless but some are toxic.


High humidity promotes mold growth and aggravates asthma symptoms, while too-dry air can lead to skin and throat irritation.

Smart design, inside and out

Trusted radon technology

Wave Radon uses the same Airthings radon sensor technology trusted and recommended by professionals. 

Easy quick-checks

Wave over the monitor to get a color-coded indication of the current air quality.

Battery-powered monitors

The Wave monitors run cable-free on batteries for up to 2 years or more.

Airthings app

Check live readings, analyze trends using sophisticated graphs, configure notifications and get air quality tips.

Wifi connectivity

Check your live data anytime and receive timely air quality notifications wherever you are.

Multiroom solution

Place the monitors in different spaces in your home to measure radon and airborne chemicals in your air.

Tech specs


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