Space Nano

Take charge of the health of your buildings, valuable assets, and the people using them.

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Small in size, powerful in performance

Space Nano is the most compact, resilient, and cost-effective way to monitor hard-to-reach and unoccupied spaces in your building, such as behind walls, in-duct, or in storage areas and basements.


Available in a 2-pack

Each Space Nano pack includes two devices, offering a cost-effective and packaging-sustainable solution for building monitoring.


Resilient and reliable

IP64-rated and engineered to withstand high humidity and temperatures ranging from -22 °F to 140°F (-30 °C to 60 °C), Space Nano can monitor spaces regardless of climate.


Up to 20 years battery life

Maintenance costs are minimal thanks to Space Nano's simple installation process and impressive battery life.


Mold risk detection

Mold thrives when it finds the right temperature, moisture, and nutrient conditions. While mold spores are invisible to the naked eye, they have the potential to damage property and cause health problems for occupants.

Using temperature and humidity measurements, Space Nano's Mold Risk Indicator estimates the likelihood of mold development, allowing you to make the appropriate adjustments to combat its growth.


Peace of mind for unoccupied but essential spaces


Maintain & monitor

Basements often contain functions critical to the operations of a building. Space Nano can monitor for signs of dampness and indicate when there is a risk of mold, which is crucial for maintaining structural integrity, occupant health, energy efficiency, and property value.

Storage & warehouses

Safeguard assets

Space Nano can help determine that your warehouse or storage space provides optimal conditions for maintaining quality, meeting regulations, mitigating risk, and meeting customer expectations.

Museums & libraries

Preserve & protect

Museums, galleries and libraries contain priceless artefacts both on display and in archives. Space Nano offers data-driven insights to help conserve these valuables by maintaining the perfect environmental conditions.


More information

You can find more details about Space Nano, including technical and product specifications, and a user manual below. 

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Product Sheet

Read our product sheet to learn more about Space Nano's capabilities and technical specifications. 

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User Manual

Access our dedicated user manual to better understand how to install and operate Space Nano and other devices.  

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Images & Videos

View our images and videos to see Space Nano in action and better understand how it might look in your building. 

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