Ventilation Rate

Make informed decisions about your building's ventilation system using the estimated Air Exchange Rate (ACH) and Airflow virtual sensors.

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Air exchange insights in one place

Ventilation Rate is now available for Space PRO, Space Plus, Space CO₂, and Space CO₂ Mini. It offers virtual sensors that reveal the efficiency of a building’s ventilation system.

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Air Exchange Rate (ACH)

Understand how often the air in a room is replaced with fresh air using the estimated Air Exchange Rate (ACH) and Airflow (currently in API only) virtual sensors.


Gauge ventilation efficiency

Check if a building's ventilation system is operating correctly and make adjustments to enhance indoor air quality.


Correlate with other insights

Compare Air Exchange Rate (ACH) and Airflow estimates alongside other insights in the Airthings for Business Dashboard.

How Ventilation Rate helps you to:

Verify ventilation rates

Improve indoor air quality

Enhance indoor air quality by understanding air exchange rates. A higher air exchange rate generally indicates better ventilation, thereby improving indoor air quality and reducing transmission of airborne viruses. Adjust ventilation and monitor Air Exchange Rates or Airflow to verify that changes have the desired effect on improving indoor air quality. 

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Optimize energy usage

Drive energy efficiency

Optimize ventilation systems based on occupancy data and CO₂ levels in the Airthings for Business Dashboard. Use data gathered from actual usage to determine whether you are under or over-ventilating your building and to inform ventilation schedules, rather than relying on a traditional office hours schedule. Ventilation Rate can also enable demand controlled ventilation (DCV) in existing buildings.

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Comply with regulations

Achieve regulatory compliance

Meet the requirements for minimum ventilation rates based on room size and type, as set by industry and local building codes and standards. 

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Explore Ventilation Rate in more depth

Learn more about the new feature and its virtual sensors below. 

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Knowledge Base

Read our support article to learn more about Ventilation Rate's capabilities and technical specifications. 

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Release Notes

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View in Dashboard

Visit the Airthings for Business Dashboard to view your Air Exchange Rate and understand how it can improve your building's air quality. 

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