Space Nano

Model: 314 Regulatory

Designed in Norway by Airthings ASA

Wergelandsveien 7
0167 - Oslo - Norway

Assembled in Tunisia

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    Bluetooth_FM WEEE_symbol

IC: 23900-314
HVIN: 314

Get Started Guide

Product Sheet

Battery replacement

Space Nano is designed to have a battery life of up to 20 years.

In case battery replacement is needed, or the product requires a reset through removing and re-inserting batteries, please follow this procedure: 

Tools needed

Torx 8 screwdriver (T8)Space-Nano_313-314_Tool

Torque-controlled screwdriver is recommended, but not mandatory.

Step 1


Unscrew and remove the black screw (11mm length). Make sure to use the same black screw at this point (north) for reassembly.

Unscrew and remove the galvanized screw (12mm length). Make sure to use the same galvanized screw at this point (south) for reassembly.

Step 2

Lift the main body away from the rest of the product, leaving the silicon gasket attached to the top lid, to protect the electronic board.


Step 3

Observe battery polarity symbols.

Replace batteries directly in the main body.



  1. Make sure the gasket fits tightly around the top lid perimeter.
  2. Check this by pressing the gasket perimeter down onto the top lid.
  3. After battery replacement in the main body, reassemble the top lid/gasket together with main body/batteries.
  4. Gently compress battery springs (north) during reassembly to align the top lid and main body vertically.
  5. Note the guiding pins in the top lid should fit into the main body (south).
  6. Check that the gasket fits correctly around the entire product perimeter. Repeat reassembly if needed.
  7. Complete reassembly with screws. Note that the black screw fits the north end and the galvanized screw the south end.
  8. Apply medium rotation force on screwdriver (0.8Nm torque).

Recycling guide

There are 3 main elements to sort in the product for proper recycling:


  • Dispose of the Lithium Metal batteries separately according to local waste management guidelines.
  • Most recycling stations have separate containers or bins for batteries.
  • Batteries can cause fire at a waste management facility if not removed from the product before disposal



  • Dispose of the rest of the product (the top lid and gasket with electronic board) as electrical waste.
  • Most recycling stations have separate containers or bins for electronic products. 

Note: If dedicated battery disposal containers are unavailable, then dispose of the batteries separately as electrical waste.



  • Recycle the main body as regular plastic (PC+ABS recycles as regular plastic).


Note: Disassembly of product is mandatory at the end of product life. See battery replacement for how to disassemble the product...