My Pollen Levels

Live and local pollen data right in your Airthings app.
Now with pollen forecasts!

Track your pollen levels outdoors and optimize your air quality indoors for a healthy environment.

Monitor the air around you to avoid

Pollen_Runny nose
Pollen_Puffy eyes
Pollen_Sore throat
Pollen_Hay fever

Asthma attacks



Pollen_Runny nose

Runny, stuffy nose

Pollen_Puffy eyes

Itchy, puffy eyes

Pollen_Sore throat

Sore throat

Pollen_Hay fever


How it works


Tree, grass and weeds

See your overall pollen level or drill down to find out which sources are affecting you most

Pollen_icons_2- location

Pollen levels anywhere

Check pollen count before you leave home to limit exposure and take preventative action

Pollen_icons_3 - map

Pollen map

See the bigger picture of pollen levels and follow regional trends with a map overview


Pollen forecast

See upcoming pollen levels in your local area and plan ahead


Know when to...



Turn on filtration units like an AC or forced air unit



Use an air purifier to clean the air in your home


Close windows

Keep your windows closed when pollen levels are high

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Localized pollen data

The algorithm uses weather, pollen production, land cover, and trends to give you the most accurate measurements. The data is localized and based on 1km radius (.62mi) versus other pollen data which is often regional.

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