Introducing Wave Mini

Marie Bannister

Marie Bannister

January 7, 2019

Yes, Wave Mini is finally here!

Introducing Wave Mini, your indoor air quality companion, enabling you to visualize the health and comfort levels in every room. When a room’s environment becomes less than optimal, Wave Mini provides insights into the chemical levels in your air. A small, cost-effective product with a big impact, it offers three critical air components to ensure a comfortable living environment. The TVOC sensor monitors common toxins and potentially-harmful chemicals that are present in all indoor environments. Meanwhile, additional sensors measure temperature and humidity.

Airthings Wave Mini app image Airthings Wave App


Thanks to the Wave Mini and its sensors, optimal comfort in every room is easily achieved. Both current and historical levels can be viewed in the free mobile app and online dashboard, or simply wave in front of the device to get visual feedback with easy-to-understand color coding. Only when you know your air quality levels can you take action. Simple steps such as opening a window or turning on a fan can dramatically improve the air we breathe, our comfort and most importantly our health.

With Google Assistant functionality, commands such as “Hey Google check the air quality” and “Hey Google check the humidity” will read your levels aloud, directly from the Airthings Wave Mini device.

"Hey Google check the VOC"

Finally, localized outdoor air quality data is now available for all Wave family users via the Airthings online dashboard. By partnering with BreezoMeter, the leaders in outdoor air pollution data, Airthings supplies everything you need to know regarding indoor and outdoor air quality.

Monitor the comfort and health levels in every room of your home with this compact and easy to use companion. Or use as a complement to the Wave Plus or existing air quality system for the total picture of air quality.

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Radon map

Thousands of Radon sensors across the world, broken down by location. See your region's approximate risk level.


Thousands of Radon sensors across the world, broken down by location. See your region's approximate risk level.