Corentium Pro: Radon Detector with Mobile Reporting



May 13, 2016

Corentium just launched the the first professional radon detector with a mobile app for instant reporting. It's called the Corentium Pro, and has several new features pushing the boundaries of radon detection for radon professionals and home inspectors.

Radon is a major concern for homeowners. Not all homeowners know about the danger of radon, but the word is getting out and more and more are rightly seeking to understand the level of radon in their homes. This trend will only increase over time, as people become aware of the dangers of radon and share it with others.

The main concern for homeowners is the link between radon and lung cancer. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States behind smoking. But radon is not something homeowners are often comfortable to detect on their own. This has changed somewhat in recent years with the introduction of easy to use and accurate home radon detectors, but on the whole homeowners like to rely on a professional radon detector to get an accurate picture of radon in their homes. Many US states also mandate a radon test during real estate transactions with an AARST-NRPP certified radon detector. Radon professionals and home inspectors seek to meet this demand with professionalism, and the current state of the professional radon detector market makes that difficult. Professional radon detectors are traditionally not very portable, and the design and usability is clunky. In addition, the devices often they lack robust analytics or reporting. This is why a team of physicists formerly from CERN  created the Corentium Pro professional radon detector.

A Professional Radon Detector Built by Top Scientists

The Corentium Pro radon detector builds on the success of the Corentium Home model, which consumers have made an Amazon Best-Seller thanks to its accuracy, ease of use, and portability. To create the Corentium Pro, the Corentium team identified the most successful elements of the Home model, analyzed the unique needs of a radon professional and home inspector, and designed a technologically superior radon detector for professional, continuous use. It has built-in redundancy to make sure your readings are accurate, it is portable, it comes with deep analytics software, and it integrates with your mobile device to produce branded reports on demand.

Let’s look at what makes the Corentium Pro stand out among other professional radon detectors.

corentium pro infographic

Corentium Pro - Built for Professionals

The Corentium Pro and best-selling Corentium Home units were designed by a specialized team of physicists and engineers who uniquely understand what it takes to make a truly exceptional device. The result is a light, professional radon detector with unparalleled accuracy and dependability, coupled with low energy use and battery power. The Corentium team is made up of scientists from the world-renowned particle accelerator at CERN who left that post to leverage their radiation and detection expertise in the private sector. Their mission: make the analog style of radon detection available in a simple, consistent, and portable digital device. It took many months, but they were able to do just that. In addition, the Corentium devices are built to require as little power as possible but still deliver lab quality results. The Corentium Pro can run for up to 1.5 years on one set of batteries. All this to say, the Corentium line of radon detectors has an unmatched team who set out to make analog-quality radon results digitally available, and succeeded. The success of the Corentium Home unit is evidence, and the new Corentium Pro detector will only serve to solidify their expertise in radon detection.

Accuracy: Proprietary Chamber Design

The Corentium team has taken their best-selling radon detection chamber technology and built it up to suit the needs of radon professionals. The detectors works by detecting alpha particles emitted as a product of radon’s radioactivity. Alpha particles hit the Corentium detector, a photodiode, which is effectively a digital film that is able to create a picture of radon in the testing environment based on how many impacts are registered by the sensor. The problem with photodiode technology is that there are several different things that could impact the sensor and cause a false reading. This is where the Corentium detector sets itself apart: its cagelike design traps air through an entrance that is only big enough to allow relevant particles into the chamber. At the same time, the Corentium team uses a proprietary algorithm to rule out irrelevant particle impacts. This makes the device extremely sensitive, but only to the relevant alpha particles. 

The chamber, which is only 0.2mm wide at its entrance, holds air for 30 minutes at a time. This allows the device to take a 25 cubic centimeter of air and use it to analyze the gas composition of an entire room. The Corentium chamber, unlike other radon detectors, remains accurate for years. In addition, the chamber allows Corentium devices to get more accurate readings in less time than other radon detecting devices. This unique chamber design is one factor that has made Corentium detectors best sellers. Adding to its ability to give accurate readings, every device is constructed under tightly controlled condition in-house in Corentium lab in Norway and they are calibrated in advanced radon labs before being released to consumers.

inside of corentium pro

This radon detection chamber has proven itself on the commercial market, but the Corentium team went to the next level for the Corentium Pro device. Instead of just one chamber, the Pro has four. This allows the device to detect four separate samples of air at a time, giving you a faster reading and giving you a more accurate reading. The chambers work in parallel, each analyzing air at the same time. This redundant system is unmatched and it means the Corentium Pro is a powerhouse of accurate radon detection. These superior technological advancements make it more accurate and more trustworthy.


So the Corentium detector is industry-leading, but the device does not stop there. It is specifically designed to use very little energy, and it is battery powered. This means you can place the Corentium Pro anywhere in a home or building. Other professional radon detectors need to be plugged in, so you not only need to find a plug near where you want to test, you also have more equipment to keep track of: the unit, and the power cord. All four chambers and its internal algorithms can operate with one set of batteries.

Simple Interface

The Corentium Pro is not only portable within a home, it easily fits in a radon professional’s toolkit. At 5.4 x 5.4 x 1.1 inches and just over half a pound, it is a simple addition to your radon detection repertoire. The radon detectors it replaces are much less portable, which makes it easy to justify the replacement.

Beyond its physical properties, the Corentium Pro makes radon detection simple. It comes with analytics software that creates a clear breakdown of radon levels in a building which makes your job easier. All you need to do is to plug the Corentium unit into your computer and you will be able to see a full hour-by-hour display of radon levels in any space you test. Furthermore, the device log goes back five years, so it will retain your data long after you have a need for it.
pro packageIn addition to the included software, the Corentium Pro integrates with mobile phones. This lets you use your smartphone to remotely initiate and control your radon tests. No other radon detector offers this feature, and it is just one more way the Corentium Pro sets a new standard for the professional radon detector market.

Branded Reporting

Given its accuracy, portability, simple but robust analytics interface, mobile integration, and low energy consumption, the Corentium Pro makes it easy to be truly professional about radon detection. It has one last trick up its sleeve to that end: branded analysis reports. When the Corentium Pro is done detecting the amount of radon in a building, it allows you create reports with your own company or personal brand on the report. This final touch means you are able to provide your customers with a truly professional experience. When customers receive a detailed report of radon in their home, they are impressed. But when your detailed radon report includes your own company or personal brand, they will be more likely to remember your expertise and professionalism and refer your services to others in need of radon detection.


The Corentium Pro is the new standard for professional radon detectors. It has a proprietary detection system that combines the accuracy of a traditional analog charcoal radon test with the ease of use and portability of a digital device. It has quadruple redundancy built into its system, with four detection chambers to make sure your results are both accurate and deliverable on time. It integrates with your smartphone, giving you the power of this device in your pocket. And what’s more, it comes with analytics software that creates easy to understand branded reports. There has never been a more complete, more appropriate tool for the needs of a radon detection professional or home inspector. The Corentium Pro retails for $1499, and you can purchase it directly clicking the bottom below.

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