Airthings' Mazen Jamal joins the WELL Advisory Board



March 23, 2023


Airthings Advisor to Provide Indoor Air Quality Advice to the World

Mazen Jamal, a member of Airthings' Stockholm team, has joined the advisory board of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), contributing to better indoor climate in buildings worldwide.

The International WELL Building Institute is not yet well-known in Scandinavia, but they are behind the world's most recognized certification standard for health-promoting buildings. In many ways, it is the indoor climate equivalent of the BREEAM certification - said Jamal.


In many ways, it is the indoor climate equivalent of the BREEAM certification

Airthings is a Norwegian technology company that develops wireless IoT sensors that monitor and control indoor climate in commercial buildings, schools, and private homes. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and is a leader in its field. Jamal was recently certified as a WELL AP, or WELL Accredited Professional, in the WELL Building Standard, and has now been invited to join the organization's advisory board.

"WELL has a large team of advisors in ten different areas. Together with advisors from the US, India, Canada, and others, I will provide advice and input on the market, developments, and challenges related to indoor climate," said Jamal.

More than IAQ

In addition to indoor climate, the certification scheme considers factors such as water, nutrition, light, exercise, comfort, and mental health. WELL can be used for commercial buildings, residential, schools, retail, restaurants, and both new and existing buildings can be certified.

"Many of the certification schemes that are most widespread in Scandinavia focus primarily on the technical qualities of buildings and not so much on how it actually is for users to work and stay in the buildings. This is addressed by WELL, which is an important supplement to the more widespread certification schemes," said Jamal.

While there are several thousand WELL-certified buildings worldwide, Scandinavia is currently lagging behind. However, in Sweden, Castellum has WELL-certified its entire property portfolio, and some projects currently under development include WELL certification as part of their project brief.

"Working environments are receiving increasing attention. In Scandinavia, there has long been a focus on this, but I think that in the future, we will see more and more tenants demanding documentation of a building's indoor climate quality. Then one must be able to document this, and a WELL certification is such documentation," said

Space Pro labeled "Works with WELL"

Not only has Jamal become a part of the WELL Building Institute's team of advisors, but the company's sensor, Airthings Space Pro sensor, has also just been approved by the certification program. The sensor has been labeled "Works with WELL," which means that the certification program recognizes the sensor as an important tool for documenting a building's indoor air quality.


"This is a seal of quality and third-party confirmation that our sensor works as we say it does. We are the first sensor company to receive such approval, which we are, of course, very proud of," says Jamal.

Airthings Space Pro is an advanced IoT sensor that continuously measures and provides users with wireless data on the indoor environment of a building. The sensor measures CO2, humidity, temperature, air pressure, VOCs, airborne dust, light, noise, and viruses.

"The data is transmitted wirelessly to a dedicated dashboard where users can easily monitor the indoor environment in a room or building," says Jamal.



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