Monitor your indoor air quality for a healthy living environment in India

Latika Meelu

May 1, 2020

What we love about namma Bengaluru is the nice breezy evenings, lovely drizzles and warm sunlit days. What can be challenging to fathom is the pollution levels that the city attains, which can be a cause of concern for you and your family indoors.

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It is not always easy to figure out the air quality of a place by only looking at its weather and temperature. Various allergens and pollutants may be hiding even though the environment feels pleasant. These sneak into your homes through everyday products such as cleaning agents and paints, and from polluted highways outside.

Wave Mini  Airthings Wave Mini. Now with mold risk indication!

Understanding the common pollutants indoors can help you reduce and mitigate health concerns, and it is becoming increasingly relevant to care about the air we breathe. During a pandemic, working from home is becoming an attractive choice, even a necessity for many.

We saw that the outdoor air quality decreased in Bangalore and the pollution levels dropped to 28% during the lockdown1. What about the indoor air quality, where we spend 90% of our time?Constant measuring will give you some interesting results about pollution, as well as a forgotten but important part of our lives: humidity.

An interesting article reported how there was a spike in infections in Bengaluru, when humidity dipped to winter levels.3 The article also reported that a decline in the relative humidity leads to dryness of skin and nosebleeds. 

United States Environmental Protection Agency states that the healthy humidity levels are between 30-50%.4  The humidity levels of your rooms will fluctuate with the season, temperature daily activities, ventilation and more. All the more reason to keep a check on those fluctuating humidity levels in your home and to maintain the right balance.

Total volatile organic compounds are chemicals that are emitted from everyday products such as cleaning agents, aerosols, paints and furniture, causing both short-term and long-term health problems. VOCs might be the reason why we don’t feel very well in certain rooms in our homes. Those suffering from asthma must take particular care in keeping toxins and chemicals under control in their homes. Changes can happen with the simplest of steps, and providing adequate and regular ventilation in your homes can combat high indoor toxin levels.

Airthings Wave Mini features total volatile compounds (TVOCs), humidity and temperature sensors so that you can monitor air quality levels in all rooms at all times.

Wave Mini  Airthings Wave Mini. Now with mold risk indication!Air quality varies from room to room, and Wave Mini is the perfect step up to having a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Complement the Mini with our Wave or an existing air monitoring system.

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Wouldn't it be great to get all the information you want on indoor air quality in one place? Take a look at our blog at Airthings resources.

We are a Norwegian company, with a mission to ensure that people around the world recognize the impact of indoor air quality and take control of their health through simple, affordable and accurate technology solutions.



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Thousands of Radon sensors across the world, broken down by location. See your region's approximate risk level.