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Marie Bannister

Marie Bannister

February 26, 2019

With over ten years of experience in developing top-of-the-line radon detectors, we have seen it all. From testing homes for radon to ensuring radon mitigation systems are working correctly, our radon detectors have helped thousands ensure that their homes are safe with low levels of radon. Read below to find out how real people have been using our devices, according to reviews directly from our users.

Buying and selling homes with radon

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Ensuring that radon levels are low is becoming more and more common when buying or selling a home. For Jae, the ability to track data over time was a huge plus in this regard. “Someday when I sell the house, I'll be able to show that there was a problem initially and that it was corrected. I'll have a long history of data to show it”. Data can be retrieved in the Airthings app and Airthings Dashboard for exactly this purpose. Long term measuring is vital, as radon levels fluctuate daily. “This is going to help me sell my home someday, as radon is a problem in our area and people do ask about it”.

G. Rosario had a similar experience when buying her home. “When I was searching to purchase a home, I generally avoided homes with a Radon mitigation system already installed. I was not well read, informed, or concerned about Radon. I purchased my home in 2012. The home inspector placed a charcoal radon test kit in the basement. Results returned at 3.8 pCi/L, just under the EPA recommendation of 4.0 pCi/L. I thought great! Remediation is not necessary according to the real estate closing papers”. However, fast forward to a few years later after some minor home improvements, and she had found that her radon levels had increased. “The Airthings Home (Previously called Corentium) unit reported long term exposure levels of 8.3 pCi/L. I was surprised the Airthings Home reported high levels even in the upper floors of my house. That's all the information I needed to contact a Radon mitigation specialist to install a sub-slab depressurization fan to vent the radon outdoors”. Continuous testing helps you keep your levels low.

How broken fans have affected radon mitigation

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After finding that her microwave was causing the breaker to malfunction in her home in Maryland, USA, C. Shinall’s radon detector alerted her to the impact this had on her radon mitigation system. “I got a notification on my phone that the radon levels were too high. My husband went to investigate and found out the fan was off. Without this alarm, we would have had unhealthy radon levels for who knows how long.....”

Similarly, the reviewer called ‘Nightshade’ used her Airthings Home correctly as a continuous monitoring device. She explains, “When my mitigation system was about five years old, I noticed the radon levels climbing sharply on my Corentium [Home]. I discovered the fan in my mitigation system had bad bearings and was barely revolving. I turned off the power to the fan until it got replaced, and over a few days the reading climbed to 14 pCi/L. As soon as the new fan was installed, the level dropped back to normal within a few days”.

Making indoor air quality improvements simple

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The reviewer called ‘KHS’ likes the accuracy of her Airthings Wave as she can adjust the overall indoor air quality in her home. The Airthings App allows her to check her readings regularly. “This gives accurate and daily readings. I actually adjusted having certain vents and windows open based on the level of Radon it detects”. So she can improve the air she breathes with minimal effort. Moreover, she found, “Being able to simply wave my hand over the device to get a level of safety is incredibly nice”. The easy to understand visual indicator on the Wave and Wave Plus devices shows the air quality and radon levels quickly and simply.

Radon in the basement

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The most popular place for radon detectors is the basement, especially when they are habitable spaces. Reviewer ‘Ntf’ explained; “I bought this to monitor the radon level in my basement as my family is spending more time there on rec activities. This product is easy to install and provides easy to interpret readings. Thankfully readings are low in the basement so no active mitigation is currently needed”.

Andrew had a similar experience. “This is an amazing product. My kids are in the basement all the time and it's invaluable to know they are safe. I never realized how much radon fluctuates until we bought this”.  Radon usually builds up in the lowest levels of a building. By measuring all of the floors in the house ensures that everywhere, including recreational spaces, are safe.

Helping home improvements

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Upgrading and improving areas of homes is common practice. Many reviewers explain that their detectors have helped them in small projects from fixing holes in basements to DIY mitigation. The reviewer entitled Minnesota Reader explains: “This unit is enabling me to fine-tune my crawl space encapsulation project. It delivers radon measurements about every two hours, Which is frequently enough to give me immediate feedback on the success of my efforts. I am learning what works, and what doesn't, in real time. Invaluable. Really. I wish I had bought this to begin with, rather than putting up with the frustration of trying to use an inferior tool”.

Why radon detectors give peace of mind

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Over and over again we receive the same feedback from our customers—Airthings devices provide peace of mind. As radon is an odorless, tasteless gas in the air, it is impossible to detect unhealthy high levels with the human senses. The devices alert you if there is danger so you don’t have to think about it.

One of many, ‘Jnse’ explains “This is a peace of mind product. Our new house had a high level of radon. We had it corrected and a radon system installed, but I needed to "know" that the numbers are still low overtime”. All of our detectors are designed for continuous use, this means that any changes in radon levels will be caught. She adds, “I move it around the house from time to time and it does truly provide peace of mind”.  Similarly, a reviewer called ‘Jend’ believes her device is “One of the best safety products we've bought….Radon levels can change and this allows you to continuously monitor 24/7 without worry. I would highly recommend buying this monitor. Just peace of mind!” J.M. Scuderi agrees and writes “More data points + top notch customer service = Peace of Mind”.

Real reviews cited:

G. Rosario
C. Shinall
J.M. Scuderi

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Thousands of Radon sensors across the world, broken down by location. See your region's approximate risk level.


Thousands of Radon sensors across the world, broken down by location. See your region's approximate risk level.