Airthings Internship Program 2019

Marie Bannister

Marie Bannister

July 23, 2019

This summer at Airthings, we welcome eleven students—the most since our internship program began three years ago. They are working on exciting future products, the Airthings for Business solution and Wave App, and even our sensors.

Ensuring our new recruits feel welcome and valued is a priority for us. We give them an opportunity to harness their skills and use what they are learning at university and beyond. Our core values start with our flat working structure. Everyone at Airthings is approachable, from our CEO to our CERN scientist founders. Right from the beginning, interns are involved in all company activities. This summer kicked off with our annual Strategy Trip, this year to Koster Islands, off the coast of Sweden. The whole company joined as we dove into “Customer obsession” and set company goals and tasks for the future.

As a result, they are not seat-fillers but active members of our team. They give input on all our projects and bring fresh ideas and new perspectives which we value highly. Last year, for instance, one intern created, our very own map of Airthings radon sensor values which we still use every single day. We can't wait to see what this year's interns will do.

Let's meet them...

Software & user experience

Perhaps one of our coolest projects yet, our in-house Software experts created a team made up entirely of summer interns. They set them the task of creating, improving and implementing a brand new mobile app.

Software app Copy2

Tor Berre  Jenny Le Chuong Ngu Andrei Eismont


Tor Berre. Currently studying B.Sc. Informatics, at NTNU. 

  • What are you working on? I am making a really cool app! With the other interns in the team, I am helping to create a new app from scratch. It will reduce manual work for our B2B users.
  • Fun fact: I make the best pizza.       

Jenny Le Chuong Ngu. Currently studying M.Sc. Interaction Design, at NTNU.

  • What are you working on? User Experience (UX) part for the Healthy Building Installation App, together with other Software Developer Interns.       
  • Fun fact: I did skydiving in New Zealand (tandem of course), which was one memorable experience. Courage was gathered after a pint of beer, I must say. 

Andrei Eismont. Currently studying M.Sc. in Informatics, at University of Oslo.

  • What are you working on? I am working on a mobile app built using React Native, a framework for building iOS and Android apps using a single codebase. 
  • Fun fact: According to my DNA test, I am 1% Japanese. 

software and ux copy22

Tyler McAllister

Jesper Ellingsen

Eirik Aase


Tyler McAllister. Currently studying M.Sc. Informatics, at NTNU.

  • What are you working on? A mobile application that can simplify and streamline the installation process for B2B customers. Especially those that want to set up a Hub with additional devices within their business premises.
  • Fun fact: I can read and write basic Japanese.

Jesper Ellingsen. Currently studying M.Sc. in Communication Technology, at NTNU.

  • What are you working on? The software & UX interns are working as a completely independent team building a web app for installing and maintaining devices for the Healthy Buildings Solution.
  • Fun fact: You can see me in the first season of the Norwegian sitcom “Side om side”, as part of a group of guys looking for a party. 

Eirik Aase. M.Sc. in Computer Science, at NTNU.

  • What are you working on? Unlike the others, I am working on the Wave iOS application. Implementing new features, improving the internal quality of the application, as well as fixing bugs.
  • Fun fact: During my compulsory military service (førstegangstjeneste) in The King’s Royal Guard, I was a part of a small group of extras in the Norwegian movie “The King’s Choice”.

Hardware & Firmware

The foundation of what we do- making our great products! Hardware and Firmware interns improve our existing technology. This includes evaluating potential new sensors for us, making sure they function brilliantly and analyzing how we can improve them. The teams also lead new developments such as generating more user-friendly and accessible firmware integrations.

hardware long 3

Emma Buøen Daniel Tavakoli Volrath Robinson Bugge 


Emma Buøen. Currently studying M.Sc. Cybernetics and Robotics, at NTNU.

  • What are you working on? I have been writing test cases for Bluetooth low energy. I am currently evaluating connectivity options for a new product.
  • Fun fact: My soccer team once made it to the semifinals of Norway Cup without scoring a single goal!

Daniel Tavakoli. M.Sc. Cybernetics and Robotics, at NTNU.

  • What are you working on? I am creating new software. It will display firmware information about a Hub on a webpage via ethernet connection.
  • Fun fact: I was born on the 24th of December and my mom’s name is Maria...

Volrath Robinson Bugge. M.Sc. in Electronics, at NTNU.

  • What are you working on? Testing and measuring presence for a potential new sensor.   
  • Fun fact: I saw the seven first season of Game of Thrones in less than one week. The finale didn't impress me that much.. 


Educating on the dangers of radon gas and other indoor air quality pollutants is at the very core of what we do. Our two summer interns are working on different tasks to help facilitate this. The projects include creating new tools for our Healthy Building Solution, generating brand new illustrations and designs to communicate our messages and analyzing user behavior.

marketing long x 3

Ida Lindvedt  Nienke Laura De Jong 


Ida Lindvedt. M.Sc. Industrial Economics and Technology Management, at NTNU.
What are you working on?
Creating marketing content for our B2B audience. This includes analyzing customer behavior and generating case studies. 
Fun fact: I spent a summer working in a prison with more than 400 inmates and employees. It was also an educational facility!

Nienke Laura De Jong. M.Sc. Nanotechnology, at NTNU.

What are you working on? Content marketing, mostly graphical design, I get to draw a lot! At the moment I am completely redesigning our contaminants pages to make them more interactive and appealing.
Fun fact: Apparently, there is a fish in a canal in the Netherlands that has been named after me- the biggest achievement of my life. 

They are all doing a fantastic job and we cannot wait to see the results of their hard work.

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Thousands of Radon sensors across the world, broken down by location. See your region's approximate risk level.


Thousands of Radon sensors across the world, broken down by location. See your region's approximate risk level.