Our most comprehensive, radon & air quality monitor with 7 sensors including radon, PM 2.5, CO2, and more - WiFi connected and cable-free.

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Your Air Coach

We didn’t invent fresh air,
but we can help you perfect it

Our most comprehensive monitor

Improve your approach to health and wellbeing with View Plus

Equipped with seven air quality sensors and a constant connection to the app, View Plus will elevate your smart home system to a new level - and a healthier home.


Scientists in your pocket

See what's in the air you breathe, anytime, anywhere

View Plus has your long-term health in mind. Our team of IAQ scientists and engineers are dedicated to empowering you to make informed decisions for a healthier life in a simple and interactive way.


Airthings Experience

Get tips on how to improve your health based on what's in your air


the air you breathe and what's in it


what can impact your indoor air quality


your health, sleep and mental wellbeing

Breathe in, Breathe out

The Scandinavian air quality monitor you can trust

View Plus experience

Join over 100,000+ customers who track their air with View Plus

Monitor and improve your air from day one in the Airthings app. Available both for Android and iOS.


Control from anywhere

Understand how your air quality is affecting issues that you care about. Investigate the trends.

View Plus in Living room
View Plus in Living room


Focus on what matters

Get an at-a-glance update of your air quality with AirGlimpse™.

Sleep disruptors

Better sleep every night

Track and enhace your sleep cycle with custom air reports.

View Plus in Living room


Beat allergies

Avoid outdoor allegens with our pollen forecast feature.

Air quality control

View Plus Multiroom

Where to place your monitor


Living room

Know when to ventilate, mitigate, and how to reduce the accumulation of pollutants like PM2.5 in your living room.


Kids room

Monitor the air quality in your children’s rooms to reduce the risk of mold and allergens.



Avoid excess VOCs and PM2.5 which can accumulate in the air while cooking.



Create an optimal environment for sleeping by maintaining ideal temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels.

Monitor the air around you


You can't see or smell it, but long-term exposure to this radioactive gas is the top cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

Particulate matter (PM 2.5)

Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) reaches deep in the lungs causing short-term discomfort and long-term health risks.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

When it reaches high levels indoors, carbon dioxide (CO2) can cause poor sleep and trouble concentrating.


Temperature is not just a matter of comfort, it can negatively affect sleep quality, mood, and alertness.

Airborne chemicals (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are airborne chemicals emitted by everyday items - many are harmless but some are toxic.

Air pressure

Changes in air pressure affect radon levels and, for some, they can trigger headaches, joint stiffness and pain.


High humidity promotes mold growth and aggravates asthma symptoms, while too-dry air can lead to skin and throat irritation.

View Plus Explained

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For the Nerds

Our most comprehensive indoor air quality monitor

View Plus is WiFi-connected for anytime access to live readings and timely air quality notifications. It integrates an eInk display and monitors 7 aspects of air quality.


Smarthome integrations

IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Homey.


Seven air quality sensors

Radon, particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), airborne chemicals (VOCs), humidity, temperature, and air pressure.

For Everyone Else

View Plus monitors your air and tells you how to enhance it

Seeing is believing. We are your air coach, we show you how to improve your air to enhance your mood, sleep and health.


Airthings app

Easy to understand colorful graphs and useful advice.



Place anywhere indoors where you are concerned about the air you breathe.

view plus Unboxing

POV: You're opening your first air quality monitor

Frequently asked questions

Can I check my live View Plus air quality readings in the app from anywhere?

Yes. View Plus connects to your home's WiFi network. With internet connectivity, not only will you be able to access live readings from anywhere, but you will also receive timely notifications when air quality declines. Plus, you can use smart home systems like IFTTT or Homey to create home automation flows using sensor readings as triggers.

How do I know the measurements are accurate?

The nature of air and the measurement of its components means that there is always room for small variations. Consider that every air sensor manufacturer has to report the device's expected range of accuracy. This is one reason (of several) why two devices, of the same or different brands, can be placed side by side and report somewhat different values. This doesn't mean that one of them is defective. They may both be reporting values within their range of accuracy. Airthings uses only the most reliable and proven technology for its air quality monitors. In addition to our proprietary radon sensor trusted by homeowners and professionals since 2011, we use a laser-based particulate sensor and an NDIR carbon dioxide sensor. Check the monitor's product sheet for details about each sensor and the accuracy range. If you suspect that your device is reporting inaccurate values, contact the Airthings support team.

What's with the hub feature in View Plus? Why would that be useful to me?

The hub feature allows View Plus to extend its internet connectivity to Airthings Wave monitors which, on their own, use only Bluetooth connectivity. Homeowners who are monitoring the air in multiple rooms using a mix of View and Wave monitors can use the app to link their Wave monitors to the View's hub. Apart from bringing all the benefits of internet access to the Wave monitor information, it also enables timely air quality notifications and extends the Wave monitor's battery life.

Where should I place the monitor for best results?

You can use View Plus in any room indoors where you want to track air quality. Because it's our most comprehensive monitor, we recommend placing it in rooms where the family gathers and spends time together - like the kitchen or the family room. That said, you can certainly use it in other rooms to get a broad view of the air quality. Never place the monitor outdoors or in conditions with over 85% humidity - this can cause permanent damage to the radon sensor inside. For best results, avoid placing it within 3 ft / 90 cm of vents, fans, windows or doors - sources of ventilation that can skew the readings. It's also a good idea to place the device in the room near to where people spend time and at an average breathing height - and never higher than 6 ft (182cm). You can stand it on a surface or use the screw holes in the backplate to mount it on a wall.

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