Register your Airthings product for a free 5-year extended warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products and the importance of long-term monitoring. We are firmly committed to sustainable product innovation and are continuously improving our products to align with this value. Reliability is a core component of Airthings product design, keeping you informed of what’s in your air, so you and your family can breathe better and live better for years to come.

Please note that this extra coverage is in addition to your standard warranty that applies even if you choose not to register your product. Product registration is voluntary, and failure to register your product does not diminish your rights under Airthings’ standard product warranty. Information about your standard product warranty can be found here. Your rights under applicable consumer protection legislation are also in addition to the standard warranty and extra coverage and remain unaffected if you do not register your product.


Register my device


Here you can find some of the most anticipated FAQs for our extended warranty. 

Only Airthings consumer products purchased from or our Authorized retailers/resellers from August 1st 2022 are eligible for the extended warranty. 

Renew air purifier is not eligible for the 5-year warranty (standard warranty still applies). 

Registration of your Airthings product must occur within 30 days from the time of purchase in order to be eligible extension. The extended warranty increases your 12 month or 24 month warranty to 5 years from the time of purchase.

Get in touch with our Customer Success team to make a claim. You must have a copy of the original purchase receipt in order to file the claim if you choose not upload the receipt during the registration. 

You can only register one product at a time, if you have multiple products please fill out the form again to register the next product. 

It is not mandatory to upload a receipt at the time of registration, however this can things easier if you need to process a claim. If you choose to not upload a receipt you will be required to provide the  proof of purchase from one of our authorised resellers/retailers at the time of a claim.