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Shift your state of being with Airthings. Our products can help you improve indoor air quality leading to better focus, calming of allergies, and enhancement of sleep while ensuring an overall more healthy home.

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1. Monitor: Your Air, Your Health

Our monitors detect radon, PM, VOCs, and other pollutants to ensure the air you breathe is nothing short of pure.

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2. Understand: Clarity in a Tap

Get actionable insights, personalized tips, and track the impact of your improvements over time.

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3. Clean: A Breath of Fresh Air

Designed to work seamlessly with our monitors, it reacts and adapts to your air quality, ensuring a clean, safe, and serene atmosphere.

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Why View Plus?

Our most comprehensive monitor

Radon and air quality monitor:
Equipped with seven sensors, including Radon, Particulate Matter (PM1 & PM2.5), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Airborne Chemicals (VOCs), Temperature, Air Pressure, and Humidity.
Empowers you to take control of your well-being:
Sometimes even the thing you're born great at could use a boost. With Airthings, it's like having a personal trainer for home's air.
A team of scientists on your side:
Established in 2008, Airthings is led by a team of experienced IAQ scientists and engineers.
View Plus air quality & radon monitor by Airthings
Airthings mobile air quality app for ios and android

Mobile App

Airthings is your air coach

Graphs, insights and more:
We can help you understand the air you breathe by providing a monitoring device for your home and a companion mobile app. Helping you take action on air quality and radon mitigation.
Get notified when it's time to take action:
We notify you only when you need to start taking action on your air quality and radon levels with timely push notifications that you can tailor to your need.
Continuously improving for your benefit:
Our Airthings mobile app for View devices is constantly being developed with new features, so you can continue to learn about, and improve your indoor air quality.


Over 200,000 people monitor their air health with Airthings

“Excellent Monitor and Great Company! I bought this because I have worked from home for 5 years, and I am in the basement of my home which had a Radon system in it when I bought the house. ”

W. Padgett
Owns a View Plus

“Improve your Air....Save your Life. This is a "Must Have" device for anyone concerned with home air quality, particularly in a pandemic when most of us are spending more time working from home.”

Trebor A
Owns a Wave Plus

“Provides a lot of data. This thing does a lot! You'll need a smart phone and the app to get things going. Install it and wait a week so it can calibrate. Then you're off and running and able to see all kinds of interesting data about the air quality of your house.”

James C
Owns a Wave Radon

“Peace of mind. Good to have an indoor meter to watch several concerning toxins.”

Corey B
Owns a View Plus

“Thankful for this tool in my toolbox for better health for myself and young family. When you wave in front of the unit it gives you a quick status and glimpse at the values. Great product!”

Amazon Customer
Owns a View Plus

“I like this IAQ monitor. It's been keeping trend data for a few months and gave me some valuable insights (like keeping my bedroom door open to reduce CO2 overnight). ”

Ryan N
Owns a View Plus

Why you should make Airthings part of your family

Our promise

To empower you to breathe better and ensure a healthy home, free from poor air quality or radon.

Our team

In-house team of scientists & engineers focused on creating world-leading monitoring devices.

Our experience

15 years experience in crafting indoor radon & air quality monitoring that you can trust.

Airthings for Business

Boosting energy efficiency for your buildings

Discover how our innovative solution can reduce office costs and enhance the well-being of your workspace.

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Learn more about indoor air quality

Airthings Renew Smart Purifier Announcement

Airthings announces two new products

Introducing Renew, the smart air purifier, available for pre-order, and Wave Enhance indoor air quality monitor - expanding our portfolio for a healthier home.

What is Radon Gas?

What is Radon?

High levels over long periods of time are the issue. By monitoring radon long term, you can be alerted when levels are high and make small changes to improve the air you breathe.

Understanding Radon Gas Levels

Radon levels: What do they mean?

Airthings most frequently asked question? "What do my radon levels mean?" Below we explain everything you need to know about your levels. Arm yourself with the information you need to make small changes to your home, improve your radon levels, and your health!

Wildfire Air Quality Issues

Top six tips to protect against wildfire air

With the alarming increase in wildfires, it's natural to worry about how these fires even if they aren't directly on your doorstep. Concerningly, wildfire smoke can travel hundreds or even thousands of miles and negatively impact the air quality of an area for weeks on end.