Combat Wildfire Smoke

How does wildfire smoke affect your health, and what are the solutions?

Wildfires, a common occurrence in California, significantly compromise air quality, affecting both outdoor and indoor environments. California's wildfires, exacerbated by its Mediterranean climate and strong, dry "Santa Ana" winds, release a substantial amount of particulate matter and toxic gases into the atmosphere. This leads to severe air quality degradation outdoors and inside homes, potentially causing health issues, especially in individuals with existing respiratory conditions.


Health Risks Associated with Wildfire Smoke

Understanding the Impact

Wildfires produce harmful pollutants, primarily particulate matter (PM) that can infiltrate the lungs and bloodstream.

  • Exposure to PM2.5, particles 2.5 micrometers or less, is linked to adverse heart and lung health effects.
  • Health impacts of wildfire smoke range from mild irritations to severe heart and lung diseases, and possibly premature death.
  • According to the American Lung Association, wildfire smoke contains particle pollution, a mix of tiny solid and liquid particles suspended in the air.
Indoor air quality during wildfire season

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality During Wildfire Season

Maintaining Healthy Indoor Air

Maintaining good indoor air quality is paramount during wildfire season. Wildfire pollutants can penetrate homes and buildings, posing health risks to occupants. Therefore, monitoring indoor air quality to keep it clean and healthy is critical.

It's also vital to keep windows closed during wildfire season. Although the impulse may be to open windows for ventilation, doing so during a wildfire can allow harmful pollutants to enter the home. This strategy minimizes smoke and particulate infiltration, enhancing the performance of air purifiers in maintaining healthy indoor air.

Air Purifiers

Effective Solutions for Healthy Indoor Air

Air purifiers effectively mitigate the adverse effects of wildfire smoke indoors. These devices filter out harmful particles and gases, improving indoor air quality. By investing in a high-quality air purifier, residents can proactively protect their indoor environment during wildfire season.

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Air purifier in use

Close your windows

Key to Indoor Air Quality During Wildfires

It is crucial to keep windows closed during wildfire season to prevent the infiltration of hazardous pollutants into the indoor environment. Opening windows, though it may seem like a way to increase ventilation, can inadvertently let in harmful particulates from the wildfire smoke. By keeping windows closed, you can better maintain the quality of your indoor air and reduce the risk of health issues.


Scientists in your pocket

See what's in the air you breathe, anytime, anywhere

Understanding how air quality changes over time through continuous monitoring is crucial for maintaining peace of mind, especially during wildfire seasons. Continuous monitoring allows residents to respond promptly to changes in indoor air quality. This proactive approach to air quality management can significantly reduce potential health risks, ensuring a safer and healthier indoor environment throughout the wildfire season.

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