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Frydenbø Group is an industry leader in commercial real estate in Norway. They own over 110,000 sqm of commercial space rented out to tenants and invest in design and architecture firms. The company provides a full suite of services in the industry. They have always been industry leaders and innovators in the property management space and installed their first Airthings sensors in 2019. Air quality solutions are therefore a key investment for them to help improve the efficiency of their properties while saving their company costs in the long term.



Frydenbø’s challenge is the same faced by many businesses today: how to cut energy use and costs across their properties. They have joined local collaborations and commitments such as Future Proof, which aims to help businesses in Bergen learn from each other to share best practices and improve sustainability, and have begun to BREEAM certify some of their buildings in order to promote health as well as reduce costs and environmental impacts through building and property management. However, to address these problems it is important to measure the current state of the building and set some trackable goals. That’s where Airthings for Business comes in.


Frydenbø wanted to do more. They discovered part of their energy bill was going to heating and cooling air that was leaking out of their buildings, essentially being wasted. Leakiness is a common, yet often overlooked problem for buildings old and new. 

Frydenbø had a bold goal of reducing their energy consumption by 20% with Airthings for Business. They have already made great strides, reaching 16% with the rest of the Airthings for Business solution, and are now ready to go even further with Balance for Business.

Frydenbø didn’t only install the Airthings for Business solution, they also integrated it with their Building Management Systems. As a result, Airthings monitoring across 13 parameters helps to manage their light, ventilation, heating and air conditioning at Frydenbø.  On top of this, they could reduce their energy usage thanks to occupancy data. 

They now hope to achieve and potentially exceed this goal with the installation of the new Balance for Business. They have already started a pilot project testing our newest product at one of their flagship buildings out in the beautiful city of Bergen, Norway. Frydenbø has integrated their Airthings for Business products into the control of their buildings, allowing them to not only measure the air quality but respond to changes in real time. 

Frydenbø's results:

    • Frydenbø has already improved energy efficiency by 16% by integrating the Airthings for Business solution into their systems. 
    • The new Balance for Business can help them reach, or even surpass, their goal of 20% total reduction in energy costs. So far, it is being tested out in one building, with promising results.
    • They now have clear insights to the air quality of their buildings, and all data available remotely  
    • The final numbers of energy savings will be ready when the Balance for Business sensors have been in place for at least a year and then scaled up to all buildings. Currently Frydenbø is on track to reach their goal of 20% energy savings with Airthings for Business solution including the Balance for Business sensors. 

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