Bluetooth-enabled, smart monitor with 6 sensors measuring radon, CO2, VOCs and more. Now in limited edition black!

1.5 year battery lifetime

Bluetooth enabled

Lightning-fast setup

Also available in white.

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You can't see or smell it, but long-term exposure to this radioactive gas is the top cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

When it reaches high levels indoors, carbon dioxide (CO2) can cause poor sleep and trouble concentrating.


Temperature is not just a matter of comfort, it can negatively affect sleep quality, mood, and alertness.

Airborne chemicals (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are airborne chemicals emitted by everyday items - many are harmless but some are toxic.

Air pressure

Changes in air pressure affect radon levels and, for some, they can trigger headaches, joint stiffness and pain.


High humidity promotes mold growth and aggravates asthma symptoms, while too-dry air can lead to skin and throat irritation.

Smart design, inside and out

Trusted radon technology

Uses the same Airthings radon sensor technology trusted and recommended by radon professionals. 

Easy quick-checks

Wave over the monitor to get a color-coded indication of the current air quality.

Battery-powered and cable-free

Runs cable-free on batteries for up to 1.5 years.

Airthings app

Check live readings, analyze trends using sophisticated graphs, configure notifications and get air quality tips.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity for in-home access to live readings.


Enable remote access to your Wave monitor by linking it to a WiFi connected View series monitor acting as a hub.

Wave Plus - Black experience

Join over 100,000+ customers who track their air with Wave Plus

Monitor and improve your air from day one in the Airthings App. Available for Android and iOS.


Focus on what matters

Get an at-a-glance view on your air quality with AirGlimpse™.

View Plus in Living room
View Plus in Living room

Airthings App

See the data in one place

Understand how your air quality is affecting issues that you care about. Investigate the trends.

Wave Plus Explained

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for the nerds

Wave Plus is our award winning air quality monitor with 6 sensors including Radon. Access the readings and timely air quality notifications through Airthings App both on Android and iOS devices.

Available integrations: IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Google

Measured Sensors: Radon, Carbon dioxide (CO2), Humidity, Temperature, Airborne chemicals (VOC's).

For everyone else

Wave Plus monitors your air and tells you how to improve it.

Placement: Place anywhere indoors where you worry about the air you breathe.

Airthings App: We are your air coach.

Wave Plus Unboxing

Get a full picture on what awaits you

Frequently asked questions

Where should I place the monitor for best results?

You can use Wave Plus in almost any room indoors where you want to track radon, CO2, VOCs, temperature and humidity. Never place the monitor outdoors or in indoor conditions with over 85% humidity (like a bathroom!) - this can cause permanent damage to the radon sensor inside. For best results, avoid placing it within 3 ft / 90 cm of vents, fans, windows or doors - sources of ventilation that can skew the readings. It's also a good idea to place the device in the room near to where people spend time and at an average breathing height - and never higher than 6 ft (182cm). You can lay it flat or use the screw holes in the backplate to mount it on a wall.

Which smart home systems is it compatible with?

Wave Plus can be used with Homey Bridge and Homey Pro smart home hub devices via Bluetooth. The data it collects can then be used to trigger flows like turning smart plugs on or off, activating smart appliances, and more. When Wave Plus is internet-connected via the hub in a View series monitor, you have more options. For home automation, you can use it with the Homey app or IFTTT. Airthings devices are not yet compatible with systems like HomeKit or SmartThings. Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant is limited to audible readings of CO2, VOCs, temperature and humidity - radon is unfortunately not yet supported by these systems

Can I check my live Wave Plus air quality readings in the app from anywhere?

"No (but it's possible!). Let's explain. Wave Plus is equipped with Bluetooth and syncs the air quality data it collects to your app only when your phone is within Bluetooth range (about 30ft or 10m). On its own, it's not connected to the Internet for anytime access. However, if you have a View Plus or other View series monitor, it can act as an Internet hub for your Wave Plus. Just plug your View monitor into a power outlet to activate its hub, then use the Airthings app to link Wave Plus to the hub. With internet connectivity, not only will you be able to access live readings from anywhere, but you will also receive timely notifications when air quality declines. Plus, you can use smart home systems like IFTTT or Homey to create home automation flows using sensor readings as triggers. The Internet is cool."

What can I do to lower my CO2 levels?

In a nutshell, open a window or door. CO2 levels rise and fall regularly indoors - mostly due to human presence. The ventilation rate, amount of people, and length of time in an enclosed space are the key factors affecting CO2 levels. Of these, ventilation is the simplest to control. Try opening a window to allow CO2 to escape instead of continuing to accumulate. It only takes a few minutes with a window open to drop CO2 levels significantly. Is it really cold outside? Open a door between rooms. This will let the CO2 dissipate in a much larger volume of indoor air than just the room you're in. Because fresh air helps you get a better night's sleep, it's a good habit to keep a window slightly open or at least leave the bedroom door open to prevent CO2 for building to high levels. Breathe better. Sleep better.

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