At-a-glance air quality analytics

Your Airthings Dashboard provides you with an instant view of the data from all your sensors, giving you complete control and flexibility.

Quickly view, customize and analyze the sensor data from all of your devices

The Airthings Dashboard gives you the air quality data you need to take action at the earliest opportunity. With on-demand access to current and historical data you can optimize ventilation and air quality within your building, ensuring you provide a healthy and productive environment for all its users.


Full visibility into air quality in all your spaces

Get an overview of all rooms, floors and locations. Receive automated alerts should conditions change and air quality deteriorate.

An Airthings dashboard with stats monitoring IAQ in different rooms

Current and historical data at your fingertips

Dig deeper into your data to observe trends, compare current values with past measurements, and identify incidents that correspond with activities.

IAQ data for a meeting room with the calendar displayed

View your data the way you like

Add and remove tiles to customize your dashboard to your preference. If the account is shared, tailored preferences can also be set per user.

A computer window showing how you can customize the Airthings dashboard by adding new tiles

Optimize air quality and performance

Use occupancy patterns to determine the optimal times for operating your building’s ventilation system, appease indoor climate complaints with live data or confirm when action is needed.

Data for the occupancy of a room so you can optimize IAQ

Easily distribute your IAQ data

Generate custom radon or IAQ reports to share with your business or export data as a CSV file for further analysis. Ideal if you need to demonstrate proof to enable action.

A computer window showing how you can generate and share reports on the Airthings dashboard
Report icon

Generate reports

Get in-depth details of air pollutants from your sensors to identify trends and risks. 

Occupancy chart icon

Observe occupancy

Identify usage patterns in line with your IAQ data.

3 people icon

Multiple users

Authorized users within your organization can access your IAQ data.

Connect your Space Plus and Hub to get started

Login to the Airthings Dashboard using the step-by-step instructions in your onboarding email.

A smart IAQ monitor with the Airthings dashboard overlayed showing IAQ data

Smart IAQ monitor with radon detection 

Space Plus is the first smart IAQ monitor with radon detection, designed for all populated spaces. It's the perfect solution for employers and facility managers to gain full visibility into seven indoor air factors; radon, carbon dioxide (CO), airborne chemicals (VOCs), humidity, temperature, air pressure, and light. Dive into your sensor data using the online Dashboard with advanced analytics options.

HBS Hub device

On-demand IAQ data on any device at any time

The Space Hub is the heart of your Airthings ecosystem. It brings one or more supported devices online, providing on-demand access to your indoor air quality (IAQ) data at any time, from anywhere. The Hub will connect with Airthings devices with SmartLink, pushing data regularly to your Airthings dashboard. The Hub supports Airthings SmartLink for long-range data extraction. This allows devices to be distributed around a large building and maintain a strong connection. 

See how you could better utilize your air quality data using the Airthings Dashboard.