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Access your Wave monitor readings anytime, anywhere

Connect your home's Wave monitors to an Airthings Hub to enable 24&7 access to live readings and timely notifications wherever you are. By doing this, you'll also extend the battery life of the monitors, make it possible to trigger home automation using IFTTT, and enable voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

More than just access

Anytime, anywhere access

Access live readings from your home's Wave monitors whenever you need to.

Smarter communications

Wave monitors use Airthings SmartLink to wirelessly connect to the Hub. It's long-range, robust,and extends monitor battery life.

Timely notifications

Receive notifications on your mobile device wherever you are.

Home automation with IFTTT

With monitors always-connected, it's possible to use their data to trigger home automation tasks using IFTTT.

Your home's air quality Hub

Connect up to ten Wave monitors and view all your live data at any time in the Airthings app.


Connects with Airthings Wave Plus, Wave Radon, and Wave Mini. See Tech Specs for details.

Tech specs


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