Leietakere og kontorsjefer

Overvåk og fiks luftkvaliteten på kontoret, butikken, restauranten eller treningssenteret ditt med Airthings for Business-løsningen for sunne bygninger.

Hvorfor Airthings for Business?

Få innsikt og ta kontroll over luftkvaliteten på kontoret, butikken, restauranten eller treningssenteret.

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Iverksett tiltak

Se luften du puster så du vet når du bør ta tiltak for å forbedre luftenkvaliteten



Optimaliser ventilasjon og belysning ved bruk av data for å redusere energiforbruk og øke bærekraftsinnsatsen din



Forbedre helsen, velværet og produktiviteten til dine besøkende og ansatte

Funksjoner og fordeler

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Vis at du tar luftkvaliteten på alvor med vårt luftkvalitetssertifikat på kontoret, butikken, restauranten eller treningssenteret.

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Enkel installasjon

Rask og enkel installasjon med våre trådløse luftkvalitetsmålere innebærer rask installasjon uten eksperthjelp, boring eller ledninger.


Brukervennlig dashboard

Airthings Dashboard inkluderer private og offentlige dashboard som kan tilpasses, innendørs luftkvalitetsrapporter, konfigurerbare varsler, data i sanntid og historiske data.



Få vite når du trenger å iverksette tiltak mot dårlig luftkvalitet med justerbare varslinger via dashboard, Slack, e-post og mer.

30-day free subscription

30-dagers gratis abonnement

30-dagers gratis tilgang til Airthings Dashboard med både data i sanntid og historiske data, offentlig dashboard, QR-koder for å dele data, innendørs luftkvalitetsrapporter, teknisk støtte og skreddersydde tips for å forbedre luftkvaliteten.

Mål 12 faktorer som påvirker luftkvaliteten i en skalerbar løsning












Virtual Sensors

Virus Risk

Mold Risk


Particulate matter is a range of particles of dust, dirt, and aerosols that become suspended in the air. PM1 has a diameter of less than 1 micrometers and is invisible to the eye.


Particulate matter is a range of particles of dust, dirt, and aerosols that become suspended in the air. PM2.5 has a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers and is invisible to the eye. Most bacteria fall under this category.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the air we breathe out, which impacts health and productivity. The level of CO2 in the air is a good indication of a room's ventilation.


When humidity levels are too high, mold and rot can occur while low humidity levels can encourage airborne virus spread and increased susceptibility to colds and respiratory illness.


Temperature affects mood, comfort level, and alertness.


Monitoring when the light is on or off in a space can help identify wasted energy usage.


The weight of the air, technically called barometric pressure, can cause headaches, joint pain, and fatigue.


A radioactive, invisible gas that comes from the ground. It is the largest cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.


VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are airborne chemicals, odors and gaseous toxins, causing short- or long-term health effects from minor eye, nose and throat irritations to liver and kidney damage.


Noise level should be kept between optimal ranges in areas of long exposure to boost productivity and concentration. High noise levels can leave people with long-term damage. We measure sound intensity in dB(A).

Virus Risk

The calculation of how conducive your indoor environment is to the survival of airborne viruses and likelihood of transmission.

Mold Risk

A calculation of how conducive your indoor space is for mold growth. Mold thrives in poorly ventilated, humid spaces and is harmful to people’s health.

Hear from our clients


With Airthings Data, Synergy Johns Creek were able to implement a revised cleaning schedule and ensure excellent air quality throughout their gyms.

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What’s included in the solution

24/7 remote access to customizable dashboard
Get insights and tips based on your air quality
Customizable dashboard views
Visual indication on device when CO2 levels get too high
Customizable alerts and notifications
Easily add new devices to current solution
Customizable Public Dashboard for public spaces
Space Hub connects using cellular
Shareable air quality reports for chosen time period
Easy API setup
Real-time and historical air quality data across all buildings
Access to integrations
Single platform to manage air quality across multiple buildings
Dedicated Airthings for Business support team
Floor plan overview
Frequent new features delivered automatically
Airthings for Business Startpakke - Main_WEB -Transparent (uten skygger)
Airthings for Business Startpakke - Main_WEB -Transparent (uten skygger)

Get your Starter Kit today

  • 3x Space Radon
    (formerly Wave Plus for Business)
  • 1x Space Hub
    (formerly Hub for Business)
  • 30 day free subscription

With the Starter Kit you can measure CO2, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Radon, Airborne Chemicals (VOCs), Pressure, Light and Virus Risk. Want to include Particulate Matter (PM) monitoring in your Starter Kit? Get in touch and we can add this for you.

You can easily expand your Starter Kit later to cover your entire office or all of your locations globally in one intuitive dashboard.

Kom i gang nå

*The full dashboard features are part of the Full Subscription, and costs $6 per month per device. This kit comes with one month free full subscription. If you choose not to renew after one month, then your Starter Kit will still work! But you’ll only be able to see current air quality data in your dashboard.


Space Pro

Vår kraftigste trådløse luftkvalitetsmåler, som måler 10 faktorer for innendørs luftkvalitet.

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Space CO2 Mini

Trådløs måler for CO2, temperatur, lys (lux), støy og virusrisiko.


Space CO2

Trådløs måler for CO2, temperatur, lys, støy og virusrisiko.


Space Radon

Trådløs monitor som måler 7 faktorer for innendørs luftkvalitet og radon.


Space Hub

Huben kobler alle Airthings for Business skjermer til skyen.