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Wave Plus

Indoor Air Quality plus Radon

The first battery-operated smart IAQ monitor with Radon detection, including sensors for temperature, air pressure, humidity, TVOCs, and CO2.

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Sensor thresholds


≥4 pCi/L

≥2.7 and <4 pCi/L

<2.7 pCi/L


≥2000 ppb

≥250 and <2000 ppb

<250 ppb


≥1000 ppm

≥800 and <1000 ppm

<800 ppm


≥70 %

≥60 and <70 %

≥30 and <60 %

≥25 and <30 %

<25 %


>77 °F

≥64 and ≤77 °F

<64 °F

Free mobile app

Your radon levels are accessible through the Airthings App and the Airthings Dashboard. The app communicates with your Wave via Bluetooth Low Energy, giving the Wave a battery lifetime of up to two years.

The mobile app brings your radon levels to your fingertips. It is simple to set up, easy to use and allows for full visibility into your short- and long-term indoor air quality levels across a single or multiple devices.

Easily switch your display between metric or US units.

Airthings Ecosystem

View your data remotely and bring one or more devices online with the addition of Airthings Hub. The Hub is the heart of the Airthings Ecosystem — the most innovative solution for professionals and homeowners to take control of their IAQ. Connect with either Ethernet or an integrated cellular option.




Android, iOS and online dashboard


Wave in front of device to get a visual indication of the overall IAQ level


2 AA batteries in the box, with estimated 16 months battery life


Connect when in-range with your phone over Bluetooth 5


Bluetooth 5 or use Airthings SmartLink with the Airthings Hub

Six sensors

Radon, CO2, TVOCs, humidity, temperature and air pressure

Airthings Wave Plus

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