Space CO2 Mini

A scalable CO2 monitor to help balance health and energy efficiency in any building



Space Pro

Our most powerful wireless monitor, measuring 10 indoor air quality factors and radon.

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Space CO2 Mini

Wireless monitor for CO2, temperature, light (lux), noise, and virus risk.


Space CO2

Wireless monitor for CO2, temperature, light, noise and virus risk.


Space Plus

Wireless monitor measuring 7 indoor air quality factors and radon.


Space Hub

The Hub connects all Airthings for Business monitors to the cloud.

Getting started is easy


1. Start monitoring

We help you choose the air quality monitors that suit your needs, integrate the high-quality IAQ data into your solution, or take advantage of our powerful Airthings Dashboard.

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2. Understand

Remotely monitor, analyze and receive tips on the indoor air quality data to balance health and energy efficiency of your buildings.

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3. Take action

Easily optimize your building operations with the help of IAQ data. Tailor and expand the solution to match your needs and challenges.

Tailor the solution to fit your needs

Wireless sensors

Airthings for Business solution includes several indoor air quality monitors, each designed for spaces with varying occupancy, uses, and requirements.

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Space Hub

Always-on remote access with Space Hub which uses a proprietary, long-range, ultra-low-power connection. Can operate with ethernet or cellular connection.

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Provides a quick and easy solution to view, customize and analyze IAQ data, giving you complete control and flexibility over IAQ and energy saving.

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Business API

All of your data in one secure place. Seamlessly share your indoor air quality (IAQ) data between all your integrated systems.

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Space Pro

More sensors, more insights
(formerly View Plus for Business)

The most comprehensive indoor air quality monitor in the Airthings for Business solution, including PM, CO2, temperature, humidity, VOCs, noise, and more. Giving you even more control over your space. Easily create healthy, productive, and energy-efficient indoor environments.

Space CO2 Mini new

Small in size, big in impact

Space CO2 Mini is the discreet answer to increasing focus and regulations on CO2 monitoring in schools, public buildings and offices.

Offered in a 4-pack, Space CO2 Mini helps cover more spaces in your building, ensuring optimal ventilation and energy usage.

Space Hub

Always-on remote access to IAQ data
(formerly Hub for Business)

Space Hub is an integral part of the Airthings for Business solution which collects data from in-range sensors and provides real-time access to all the information you need to optimize air quality and energy use in your building.

Connect up to 30 battery-operated devices through Airthings Smartlink.


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