Pro Dashboard

The Pro Dashboard acts as the hub for your measurement business. The dashboard is here for your convenience and can be used as much or as little as you need.

  • Meet state regulations
  • Manage tests remotely
  • Export data history
  • Protects against theft


Custom Radon Reporting

The Pro Dashboard allows you to customize your radon reports. Through template configuration. Change the order of information, use dynamic paragraphs to automate repetitive text, shorten or lengthen reports, customize to your liking.

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Organize your business

Organize your business, manage employees of your business, input your logo and company information to automatically appear on reports, Set default startup parameters to speed up starting your test, and so much more.

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Monitor management

Get an overview of all your monitors and manage them all in one place. Protect against theft by blocking unauthorized users to connect with your registered monitors.

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Dashboard settings

Customize your dashboard just the way you like. Some additional information about user management and dashboard settings.

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Corentium Pro App

Reports cropped

Start, stop and generate reports

Connect the monitor via Bluetooth, start your test and send reports directly to clients.


Review and release

Review details of your report and toggle charts before sending to clients.


See radon data in a new light

View radon tests in progress and see live radon averages when connecting after 1 hour.


Report library

Upon sharing, all reports are uploaded to your dashboard and can be revisited at any time.

Zachary Daniels

Visit the help center for tutorials on everything the Pro app and dashboard have to offer!