Airthings’ New Solution Helps Restaurants Reopen



February 22, 2021

The Restaurant Kit monitors carbon dioxide levels, temperature, humidity, and virus risk in real-time, keeping customers and employees safe indoors

Airthings, a global leader in indoor air quality solutions, released today a new product offering for the restaurant and hospitality sector: the Restaurant Kit. By monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, and virus risk, the solution provides restaurant owners with insight into their indoor air quality and how it contributes to spreading viruses—so they can take action when the air gets unhealthy. With changing regulations in the restaurant sector due to the ongoing pandemic, Airthings makes monitoring indoor air a breeze with this tailor-made solution and gives visitors peace of mind thanks to an official certificate that can be hung on the restaurant's door. 

While the debate about reopening businesses continues, ventilation and CO2 monitoring are among the key tactics recommended by experts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. CO2 levels serve as a good indicator of how fresh the air is in a given space, as people expel CO2 naturally. When CO2 levels are high indoors, the risk of spreading airborne viruses increases and it is advised to ventilate accordingly. Combined with temperature and humidity data, restaurant managers get a well-rounded picture of the risk of airborne virus spreading indoors and how to reduce it.

“With new recommendations and rules popping up every day, the restaurant sector is facing yet another difficulty to reopen their businesses,” says Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings. “The new Restaurant Kit empowers restaurant and business owners with the data they need to ensure their indoor spaces are safe for their customers and employees, putting everyone at ease with the certainty the air is monitored continuously.”

A solution for any restaurant

The Restaurant Kit includes two sensors that monitor CO2, temperature, humidity, and virus risk - all in real-time. The sensors are wireless and can be placed on any wall in any building type in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the Hub, the data can be accessed online 24/7 from anywhere. 

Restaurant owners can set their thresholds in the dashboard following local recommendations and get notified whenever the levels exceed the thresholds. The dashboard provides tips to improve the air quality, such as increasing ventilation rate or limiting the number of customers inside at one time and makes it easy to identify trends and generate reports to ensure compliance with local regulations. 

Proof of safe air

Once the restaurant is all set with the solution, managers can hang an official certificate of air quality monitoring on the door, providing peace of mind for visitors coming in. In times where every measure counts, restaurant owners can stay ahead of the curve and leverage indoor air quality data to create trust and provide a safe environment for their customers and employees. To learn more about Airthings’ Restaurant Kit visit