Love Is In The Air: Airthings Launches Brand-New Love Indicator That Gauges Romantic Chemistry



April 1, 2021

The Breakthrough Technology is the First-Ever Air Sensor That Can Detect Levels of Attraction Between Two People

Oslo, Norway & Chicago, IL (April 1, 2021) – Airthings, makers of the best-selling indoor air quality and radon monitors for homeowners, businesses and professionals, is excited to debut its latest innovation in air quality technology to the market: a brand-new sensor that has the capability to detect the presence of “love” in the air, helping people everywhere determine if their soulmate may be in the very same room.

While the act of falling in love is often chalked up to “magic” or the mysterious ways of the universe, it may surprise many that there are actual scientific, measurable elements that support the likelihood of romantic chemistry. Airthings has developed a proprietary, in-house algorithm using its Particulate Matter (PM), CO2, temperature and airborne chemical (VOC) sensors that is specifically formulated to detect if and when love is in the air. The brand-new Love Indicator is available with Airthings’ new View Plus product, which was unveiled last month.

How it works

Is love really measurable with an algorithm? The answer is yes. You may have heard about the “laws of attraction,” and when two people are a match, it’s often said that “sparks are flying” – as it turns out, these abstract connections are rooted in science. When a deep attraction is present, the human body provides many valuable metrics that can be detected in the air. When love is in the air, breathe rate increases, micro-vibrations from heart flutters can be detected, and chemical compounds such as pheromones and hormones begin to rise. In extreme cases of loving emotion, experts have even detected trace presences of “sparks” in the air – microscopic combustions of energy that are emitted from the body. 

Airthings devices, such as the View Plus, are already equipped with sensors that can provide accurate insight into these factors. By measuring respiration rate, CO2 levels and airborne chemicals (pheromones are one of the most prevalent VOCs in our air), the Love Indicator offers these heart-throbbing insights for Airthings users everywhere to know when that special someone is sending love vibes to you, or if they fancy someone else.

“It’s no secret that for many reasons, dating is hard these days, and studies show that it’s harder to find true love than ever before,” said Dr. Inna Hartbeat, Chief Love Officer (CLO) at Airthings, a newly-formed position at the company. “We wanted to make things a bit easier for our customers on the dating front by leveraging the existing capabilities of Airthings products. With our new Love Indicator, they can now know when the chemistry is there, or when it might be time to move on.”

For the commercial segment, love in the workplace can interfere with productivity, but with the Love Indicator HR professionals and managers can reassign employees before any negative impact takes place.

The Airthings Love Indicator is also widely supported by experts across the dating industry “We’ve always attested to the fact that love connections are more than just random chance, and the Airthings Love Indicator is a great way for people to gain more insight into their romantic instincts,” said Jonas Cronfeld, Co-Founder and Love Expert at and, some of the largest dating sites in Europe. “This capability is a marriage between the heart and the brain that can help spark a lifelong connection – or save someone from an unhealthy match.”

The Airthings Love Indicator can be accessed by…wait, have you not caught on yet? While we wish as much as anyone that love in the air could be measured, some things may be best left for fate to decide. April Fools from your friends at Airthings!


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