Goodbye air fresheners - hello fresh air!



April 1, 2022

Airthings, leading indoor air quality experts, takes on traditional air fresheners with their newest product to bring true fresh air to homeowners, businesses and professionals.

OSLO, NORWAY (1 April 2022) - Airthings, creators of the best-selling indoor air quality monitors, today announced their newest product Air Refresh, a revolutionary new air freshener made from a single ingredient— fresh Norwegian mountain air.

In a recent survey the company found that nearly 10% of people mentioned various “air fresheners” such as scent sprays, aerosols, diffusers, scented candles, fabric sprays and scent plugins when asked about the steps they take to keep a fresh and healthy home environment.  What most people don’t realize is that these air fresheners release a combination of toxins and chemicals into the air called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs like these might make the air smell better, but actually release toxins into the air having negative health consequences.

With this surprising revelation from the survey, Airthings knew it needed to offer a better solution. Enter Air Refresh, the first real air freshener. 


“Our mission of empowering the world to breathe better has been undermined by air fresheners”, said Martin McGloin, Head of Product, B2B. “We knew we needed to offer our customers an alternative, which is why Airthings scientists came up with Air Refresh– the real air freshener.”

Take a moment to think about how often you are being hit with these toxic scents. Whether the small cardboard tree hanging from your car mirror to automated misters, gels, beads, plug-ins, heated oils, sprays and more, we’re being blasted with VOCs and never know it. They are hidden in offices, schools, bathrooms, hotels, gyms, taxis and car rental services. Air fresheners are often used to cover up larger air quality issues like mold and damp, or stuffy air and poor ventilation. But the ideal air, like the fresh air found on the mountain, comes scent-free. 

For Air Refresh, Airthings takes fresh mountain air from the countryside of Norway, compresses it and bottles it in a handy non-aerosol bottle, which can be used to refresh your home any time! One spray, and your room is immediately transported to the majestic fjords of Norway, with the crisp mountain air filling the space. Many have reported hearing the sounds of rushing water, mating mammals and a desire to hike great distances. One word of caution, excess use has been shown to cause an increase in REM state for sleeping and a stronger desire to be in nature for more time than just walking through a parking lot to a grocery store or shopping center.  

“We want to change the way people think about good air quality,” says Martin McGloin, Head of Product, B2B. “Calling these products ‘air fresheners’ is not only inaccurate, it’s unfair to customers.”

Looking for a true air freshener? Look no further than Air Refresh– simply mountain fresh air. Air Refresh is available in a handy 350ml bottle at $39.99. For consumers unsure if Air Refresh is for them, View Plus is the most advanced air quality monitor in the world and can quickly quantify if your scented candles are slowly killing you.

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